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Romney Touts Business Acumen in Cincinnati Visit

Romney makes case for election at Jet Machine in Bond Hill


There are only a few more weeks of political commercials, ads, promises and accusations flooding the TV and radio before the Nov. 6 presidential election. While many Americans are tired of political campaigning, Ohio — the most important swing state in the United States — has been showing a great response toward the campaign as it nears its end. 

On Thursday, 4,000 people lined up outside of Jet Machine in Bond Hill to hear Republican candidate Mitt Romney speak at 11 a.m. 

After flying in to Lunken Airport on Wednesday night, Romney had breakfast at First Watch in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday morning before proceeding to the rally in Bond Hill. 

His visit in Cincinnati was the first of a three-stop bus tour in Ohio — along with Worthington and Defiance, Ohio later that afternoon. 

At the Jet Machine warehouse, Romney criticized Barack Obama's campaign, foreign policies and plans for America's future. 

"The Obama campaign is slipping because he keeps talking about smaller and smaller things when America has such big problems," Romney said. 

Romney cheered on small businesses and promised that his businesses experience will help turn the economy around. 

In a response to the Cincinnati rally, the Obama campaign explained that Romney's visit was just another attempt to try and convince Ohio workers that he is on their side and will stand up to China, when in fact it's the opposite. 

"As a corporate buyout specialist, Romney invested in companies that pioneered the practice of shipping jobs to places like China, shutting down American plants and firing workers — all while he walked away with a profit," Jessica Kershaw, Obama for America — Ohio press secretary, explained. 

"These jobs are likely to come at the expense of American workers in cities like Cincinnati, and that’s why the people of Ohio will not be supporting Mitt Romney this November.” 

Romney ended the rally encouraging the Buckeye state to go to the polls and vote early. 

"We need to make sure Ohio is able to send a message loud and clear: We want real change.

We want big change," Romney encouraged. 

In an attempt to secure Ohio, President Obama is due in Cincinnati on Halloween. With just two weeks remaining before election day, a new Ohio poll from TIME.com says that Obama is winning 49 percent of Ohio, compared with Romney's 44 percent.
10.26.2012 at 11:29 Reply

Today in Mr Romneys 'breaking speech' he said 'I know what it takes to lead, I am a leader'.

My goodness gracious, Leadership?????

The Governor has NOTHING to say to concerned women.

The Governor has shown us time and time again what kind of leader he would be when the going get's tough.

EVERY TIME there seems to be an issue that is 'hard', he avoids it like the plague.

His mode of operation seems to be that if he just avoids anything 'tough' people
just give up and move on to something else.

That is not leadership, that is extremely weak and spineless. This is a man
HE ENDORSED this week for high office and will oversea womens health
legislation, and NOW he has 'no comment'.

'Gods WIll' has NO place in the same sentiment as 'rape'. Not even in
some abstract Lenny Bruce joke. My boy just returned in August from
whatever it is they are still doing in Iraq, and we SEND kids overseas to
combat extremism brought around by the 'Gods will' mentality. It has ZERO
place here at home in the US Government.

Governor Romney is a disaster, you can not like the President, but at least he takes stands and you know where he stands on stuff like this. The Governor is acting like a pathetically weak and spineless chicken.

Expect for Governor Romney to continue to exhibit ZERO leadership when it is needed.


10.29.2012 at 12:10

How can anyone support Obama after he lied to the American people about the Libyan embassy attack and tried to coverup his failure to protect the ambassador and send help to the Soldiers that were surrounded and outnumber there, leaving them to be sodomized, tortured and slaughtered.


10.29.2012 at 07:28 Reply

The current administration touts job growth, but the jobs that are being created are low paying, part-time jobs. In the retail and wholesale sector, a million full-time jobs have been cut since 2006, while more than 500,000 part-time jobs (http://1.usa.gov/Riud6o) were added. Are these really the jobs you want added in Ohio?


10.30.2012 at 08:00 Reply

Yes, imagine how great Obama would appear and how great things would be if - REPUBLICANS HADN"T VOWED TO MAKE HIM FAIL.

Does anyone remember the jobs creation bill that Obama rejected that was introduced by the Republicans? No? Of course you don't because he didn't reject a jobs creation bill put forth by the republicans. And do you know why he didn't? The answer is because the Republicans DID NOT introduce any bills on job creation. ZERO. But they did introduce 1284 bills on everything from religion, abortion, firearms, to marriage. 1284 bills - none for jobs. They declared, on the day Obama was inaugurated, that were not going to help this country because it would have also helped Obama. The GOP always VOTED "NO" to create JOBS!!!...

Sep 12__S.3457____Veterans Jobs Corps Act, S.Amdt.2789 --- NO
Jul 17__S.3364____Bring Jobs Home Act --- NO
Jul 11__S.2237____Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act --- NO
Jun 29__S.2237____Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act --- NO
Jun 5___S.3240____Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 --- NO
Dec 15__H.R.3630__Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011 --- NO
Nov 30__S.1917____A bill to create jobs by providing payroll tax relief for middle class families and businesses --- NO
Nov 3___H.R.674___3% Withholding Repeal and Job Creation Act --- NO
Nov 1___S.1769____Rebuild America Jobs Act --- NO
Oct 6___S.1660____American Jobs Act of 2011 --- NO
Sep 24__S.3816____Creating American Jobs and Ending Off-shoring Act --- NO
Aug 5___H.R.5297__Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010 --- NO
Jun 23__H.R.4213__American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 ---NO



11.05.2012 at 04:19 Reply

This state could decide the election tomorrow. New rules and regulations have killed nearly a million jobs in the country (http://eng.am/KP3Ruy). How many jobs could we have if we focused on enforcing the regulations already in place instead of just adding new job-killing ones?