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More Inauguration Coverage and Profiteering


CityBeat's inauguration page now includes a link to our alt weekly colleagues in D.C., the Washington City Paper, which features a huge inauguration guide for the millions of people already descending on their city. City Paper staffers are sending out constant updates on Twitter and a group blog, Inbloguration, including this multimedia gem from about an hour ago: "Here's a semi-live feed from my basement in Petworth, where whiskey-swilling guests collaborated on an unconscionably patriotic version of 'The Weight.' "

The City Paper inauguration site also includes a section from the Chicago Reader, "The Obama Reader: We Knew Him When," collecting that alt weekly's years of Obama coverage. Great stuff.

While you're on our own inauguration page, don't forget to check out the Obama slide show set to The National's "Mr. November." Our web guru, Cameron Knight, did a nice job with it.

Unlike CityBeat, which endorsed Obama for the presidency and is thrilled to celebrate the inauguration for what it means for the country's future,The Enquirer — which instructed you to vote for John McCain — is looking for make a buck or two off of the momentous occasion. Apparently tomorrow's issue will be part of a $25 package of collectible front pages, including the Nov. 5 issue announcing that The Enquirer's readers had ignored its endorsement and elected Obama.

How would you like to be the assistant editor who's designing tomorrow's front page right now — with little help because his two deputies and a key copy editor were recently laid off — hearing Publisher Margaret Buchanan's voice in his head that he better make it awesome because she needs to sell a lot of collectible packages? Then again, maybe tomorrow's front page was designed last week by the corporate folks at Gannett....

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