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Natalie Portman Supports Obama in Cincinnati

Obama campaign's Women's Summit appeals to Ohio women to vote, volunteer


Actress and acclaimed rapper Natalie Portman played up her Cincinnati ties in a Wednesday appearance at the Obama campaign-sponsored Women’s Summit at Union Terminal.

The Academy Award-winner said her mother graduated from Walnut Hills High School and her grandfather — Art Stevens — grew Champion Windows in Cincinnati after starting as a door-to-door salesman.

“Because of that, I see President Obama’s support of small businesses as so crucial to our economy,” Portman said, adding that Obama has cut taxes for small businesses 82 times since taking office.

Portman said the Republican Party and their presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not have the best interests of women at heart. She pointed to attacks on the Affordable Care Act’s mandates that insurers provide birth control to women and ensure preventative care such as mammogram screenings for breast cancer is covered, as well a bill sponsored by Ryan and embattled congressional candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) that would eliminate all abortion funding except for cases of “forcible rape.”

“We need to stand up for ourselves,” Portman told the packed auditorium that was crowded with an audience of mostly women. “Our mothers and our grandmothers made giant steps for us. We can’t go backwards. We need to go forwards.”

Portman was joined by Obama Campaign National Women’s Vote Director Kate Chapek, former Ohio first lady Frances Strickland, Ohio Rep. Alicia Reece and Obama campaign volunteer Mary Shelton.

An Ohio Romney rep said the campaign did not have a comment on the Women’s Summit, but is hosting a “Women for Mitt” call night featuring former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao in Kenwood on Thursday.

“Ohio women believe in the Romney-Ryan path for America that will result in lower taxes, less spending, less government and more economic growth,” said a release from Romney’s campaign.

The Obama event on Wednesday catered to women, with Chapek telling the audience she knew how difficult it was for women to get there with jobs and the challenge of getting their kids to school.

She framed women’s role in the election as a conversation.

“The conversation starts like this: women, turns out, we’re not a constituency,” Chapek said. “Who knew? Apparently Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, because they don’t realize that women are actually a majority in this country.”

She told the women gathered to have conversations with their neighbors and friends and encourage them to volunteer at phone banks or knocking on doors.

Strickland talked about the need to reconcile qualities traditionally seen as masculine — like power — with those seen as feminine — like love.

She also took the opportunity to riff on a statement made by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who said political wives were heroes because while they’re husbands were on stage in the limelight, they were at home doing things like laundry.

“I even did the laundry last night so I could come here today,” Strickland said. “Even (former Gov.) Ted does the laundry.”

Summit attendee Ray Boston, a 67-year-old retired writer for AT&T, said Natalie Portman’s presence caught his eye.

“I’m a celebrity photo enthusiast,” he said. “Nothing’s official until I’ve taken a picture of it.”

Boston said he didn’t vote in 2008, but felt the upcoming November election was too important to sit out. He said he was leaning toward voting for Obama and liked his health care overhaul, but was opposed to the president’s views on gay marriage for religious reasons.

Gwen McFarlin, who works in health care administration, said she was there to support President Obama. She supports his health care overhaul, but thinks it’s a first step to further changes.

She said she was encouraged by the diversity of the women in attendance.

“For me, I’m sure the women who are here represent all the world, not one issue,” she said. “We’re here as a group of women working to empower all the U.S. and the world.”

09.19.2012 at 02:46 Reply

I was visiting the Museum with my 2year old today, and the females for Obama tried to give me some Obama swag.  I told them that I'm voting for Romney because my little guy is a CHILD not a CONSEQUENCE or a CHOICE. They got right up in my face and demonstrated why they're not called the "ladies for Obama." It stressed the baby out and made me late to pick up my 4year old from school. :(


09.19.2012 at 04:23

The SAME thing happened to me, only the ladies ATE MY BABY!!! I can't vote for baby eaters, so the guy that doesn't care about anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year gets my vote.


09.19.2012 at 05:58 Reply

I'm a man and I was walking by and they looked at me like a piece of meat. Licking their chops like they were just goiing to consume me and have their way with me. Shamefull!

I'm with you on the support for guy who only supports those making more than $250,000. Some day I'm gonna have it and I don't want to have to share any of it with those hopeless 47%ers.


09.19.2012 at 06:38 Reply

So a man Kenny (he can't biologically be pregnant with a child) actually made a comment like this in repsonse. I am completely behind you but if I wasn't I sure wouldn't tell a women with a 2 year old the coment he made. If Ken has a response first he shld say I am very sorry those women harrased you when you actually a 2 year old but ithink.....>When it comes to the LIFE issue I have know unfortuantely what happend to you is very common place. No matter what my view is on something I ceratinly wouldn't act aggressive to a women with a 2 year old.  Anyway the Best to you Sarah.  


09.20.2012 at 08:25

Excuse me!? My name is Kendra, Kenny is the nickname. And you believe everything you read on the internet? Cause there's a site called The Onion that you might enjoy. Colleen, Sarah MAY be being truthful, but that story sounds about as realistic as my They Ate My Baby one; perhaps she's a MALE Mitt Romney plant sent out to spread lies. Just like you thought I was a man, how do you know Sarah's what she says she is?


09.19.2012 at 07:52 Reply

I had a similar situation when my wife was in labor and I was rushing her to Christ Hospital.  At the time there was a big pro-life demonstration going on on Auburn, and they were blocking the street so we couldn't get through.  As I tried to get the car through the crowd the wingnuts were hitting our car, bumping the windows, etc and scaring the hell out of my wife...  WHO WAS IN LABOR.... NOT HEADING TO AN ABORTION.  I eventually had to get out of the car and it almost came to blows, but finally I told them I was going to run them over if they didn't get the hell out our way.

Zealot freaks endangering the life of a near-term infant.... ya gotta love the irony. 




09.20.2012 at 01:08 Reply

Still not voting for the Socialist