August 13th, 2012 By Andy Brownfield | News | Posted In: 2012 Election, Sex, Internet

Paul Ryan Is Totally Ripped

America more interested in GOP VP candidate's six pack than budget plan

paul-ryan-470x376Pop that shirt off, Paul!

Anybody who’s familiar with the Internet knows that it’s a great place for looking at pictures of people without their clothes.

Apparently a lot of people want to do that to vice presidential candidates as well.

According to Google Politics & Elections, the No. 2 most-searched term connected to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s name is “shirtless.”

Ryan is known for a proposed budget that would offer massive tax cuts to the rich while attempting to reduce the deficit by gutting Medicare.

If one is to believe TMZ’s absclusive titled “Paul Ryan: He’s Hiding A Six Pack,” then one could see why.

An intrepid CityBeat intern spent most of Monday morning searching for pictures of said abs, but was only able to turn up the vice presidential candidate waving ironically from his yacht.

According to TMZ’s unnamed Hill source, Ryan hits the gym every morning at 6 a.m., and his routine is “fierce.” The source, who talks like a stereotype, says Ryan is kind of on the skinny side, but “totally ripped and has a six pack.”

Ryan’s press camp responded to the news by challenging Joe Biden to a sit-up contest in lieu of a vice presidential debate.

Google’s top four related search terms for Paul Ryan:

  1. Vice President
  2. Shirtless
  3. Wiki
  4. Budget
08.13.2012 at 12:44 Reply

OK, I'll admit to it.  I looked.  But I find it funny as all hell that the top 10 searches on Yahoo return stories that TALK about this phenonmenon of search activity --- but funnily, not ONE of them actually ***HAS*** a picture of Paul Ryan, shirtless.  What the f*ck?


08.13.2012 at 12:48 Reply

How come none of the stories ABOUT this uptick in search activity actually HAVE a shirtless photo with them?  Are these abs a state secret, protected by Homeland Security?  (I hope they do a better job than the system at JFK Airport!).  Or are they like Santa and the Easter Bunny?  C'mon, Ryan...you can release tax returns, but give us what we REALLY want to see...


08.13.2012 at 01:23 Reply

Pictures of these alleged abs are as elusive as Mitt Romney's tax returns. Fret not, I'm sure TMZ has posted a staff photog to shadow Ryan.


08.15.2012 at 08:25 Reply

I can't wait!!! Also include a photo of Prez Obama in Hawaii-- not too bad either