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July 3rd, 2012 By Jac Kern | The Morning After |

I Just Can't Get Enough

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benson-stabler-elliot-and-olivia-1064924_678_1024NBC via fanpop.com
When I was 16, on a family trip to New York City, I mapped out all the real locations mentioned in The Catcher in the Rye because I was a cliché emo teenager it’s cool to visit restaurants, shops and other places your favorite pop culture characters frequent in books, movies or television. And when it comes to some favorite TV shows taking place in New York, WNYC Radio’s site has done all the work for us! Want to see where your favorite preteen hookers were slain in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit? Channel your inner Benson and Stabler, then check out this very populated map. How about following Hannah’s footsteps in Girls? There’s a map for that. Even Draper fanatics can visit some of the cocktail lounges and other places visited and mentioned in Mad Men. Just beware of potential spoilers.

Going even further back into my embarrassing past, my inner 10-year-old squealed with glee with the announcement of a Spice Girls musical: Viva Forever. If you missed out on the Girls’ 2007-2008 reunion tour, you can see all five reunited on stage in London this December. Related: For a period of several months, I would sign my name and only answer to Posh Kern at home.

In more ‘90s dance-pop music news, music video experimenters cdza created a tribute to the ABBA of my generation, Sweden’s Ace of Base. With the help from some very talented upright bass players, they produced Aces of Bass:

Back in May, photographers were invited to the 2012 Team USA Media Summit to get some shots of the country's finest athletes. With the Olympics less than a month away, these photos have been released and — wait a minute, these were taken by a professional? Yeah, they’re pretty awful and people, especially photographers, are pissed.

Apparently, a lot of people don’t see the harm in tweeting photos of their debit cards.

Since Adele is knocked up, she’s outsourced her talent to this adorable pooch. I give you Pawdele, “Digging in the Deep”

And just for reference, here’s the original. Uncanny.

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