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May 31st, 2012 By Mike Breen | Music | Posted In: Local Music

Heartless Bastard Gets Sandwich Named After Him

The "Jesse Hee Haw" named in honor of bassist Jesse Ebaugh

jesse hee hawThe "Jesse Hee Haw" at Park Vine (Photo: Provided)
Forget the Grammys, a mugshot posted on The Smoking Gun or a re-tweet from Lil Wayne — in the celebrity world, the greatest honor is to have a sandwich named after you. If you use that yardstick, Jesse Ebaugh, the bassist for the locally-spawned, nationally-acclaimed, Austin, Texas-based Heartless Bastards (known formerly for work with local bands like Heeva Hava and Pearlene) has finally made it.

Park + Vine, the excellent eco-friendly shop/cafe in Over-the-Rhine (1202 Main St.), recently introduced its summer menu — crafted by another awesome local musician, Melissa Cox Howard (Fairmount Girls) — which includes the Jesse Hee Haw, named for Mr. Ebaugh and made with "Upton’s Naturals BBQ seitan on an open-faced Blue Oven Bakery Froagie topped with organic shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and red onion."

Sounds like a great idea for a line of sandwiches. Any further ideas for sandwiches named after local musicians?
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