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January 5th, 2009 By | News | Posted In: 2008 Election, Government

Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?


As we head back to work and school today after the holiday break, Barack Obama's inauguration as president is just two weeks away. The much-promised and long-anticipated change is almost upon us, and we'll finally get what we've been hoping for after "catching the car" we were chasing.

• The 111th Congress convenes tomorrow, with the big local news being Steve Driehaus' swearing in as U.S. Representative from Ohio's 1st District. Nationally, Al Franken has officially won the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota, and there will be blood as Roland Burris shows up to claim the vacated Senate seat from Illinois.

• Leave it to Frank Rich to capture the public's mood on departing President George Bush, who's "forgotten but not gone." In his Sunday New York Times column, Rich says of Bush's current round of national media exit interviews, "The man who emerges is a narcissist with no self-awareness whatsoever. It’s that arrogance that allowed him to tune out even the most calamitous of realities, freeing him to compound them without missing a step. The president who famously couldn’t name a single mistake of his presidency at a press conference in 2004 still can’t."

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