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The Coolest Thing Toby Keith Ever Did

Writing about Willie Nelson makes the 'Angry American' seem like less of a dick

Today is the 79th birthday of Country music legend/High Times coverdude Willie Nelson. Most people are already familiar with Willie’s coolness — pioneer of late-’60s Outlaw Country, member of Country music all-star group The Highwaymen with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson and singer of such classic songs as “On the Road Again,” "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys." He’s also been an activist for causes such as family farming and marijuana legalization and currently lives in self-sustaining community in Hawaii that only uses solar power.

Here are some words by CityBeat Music Editor Mike Breen about Willie’s life and legendary status, which he says transcends music.

(“Nelson isn't a Country music icon — he's an American music icon.”)

So it’s kind of weird sometimes to think about Willie Nelson being tight with people like Toby Keith — a decidedly uncool guy who writes songs about the U.S. military putting a boot in anyone’s ass who messes with America and opens cheesy Country music-themed restaurants around the country.

But for every terrorist that Keith convinced via threat of violence not to attack America, there are many people who have enjoyed a song that Keith co-wrote about participating in Willie Nelson’s favorite pastime: smoking the weedus.

It turns out that Toby Keith can be self-depreciating and kind of likable (if you can somehow keep the image of this goatee out of your mind while you listen to the song). So here it is, in honor of Willie’s 79th, “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” by Toby Keith and Scott Emerick.

04.30.2012 at 06:36 Reply

Toby Keith — a decidedly uncool guy who writes songs about the U.S. military putting a boot in anyone’s ass who messes with America

I wouldn't know a Toby Keith song if I heard one but I give him all the credit in the world for speaking his mind in song, as much as all the Bush &  America-bashers who've spoken theirs. Does not make him *uncool* and makes the writer of this piece terribly narrow-minded


04.30.2012 at 07:20

I take it back...I DO know a Toby Keith song...his cover of Sting's I'm So Happy....


04.30.2012 at 08:18

The article IS a tribute to Wilie Nelson for his 79th birthday and all the great music he has provided but I just have to add a few "counters" to your claim that Toby Keith is "uncool".

"Uncool" Toby Keith is at this moment on his 10th USO tour, going to not just bases but to the FOB's.

When he gets back, he'll be prepping for the Toby Keith Foundation Golf Outing which supports the health and happiness of pediatric cancer patients and The OK Kids Corral which will provide a home for children undergoing treatment for cancer and their familes.

To call someone "uncool" based on your feelings about a single song out of a catalogue of 15 studio albums seems a bit distorted.

Take a clue from Willie and dont' judge people based on media hype and you might just fine that Toby Keith is very cool indeed!


04.30.2012 at 06:56 Reply

Ha. Hilarious. Toby Keith is a boyscout. Boyscouts have never been cool. Honorable but not cool. Get it straight.


05.01.2012 at 03:28 Reply

toby keith is the modern version of bob hope and i truly belive he will continue his suport of our toops and our childeren they only come once in a generation never judge the book by the cover


05.01.2012 at 01:15 Reply

What are you, like 14 years old, cause your vocabulary sure makes it sound that way????  Toby Keith is laughing at people like you all the way to the bank and our troops, who he has entertained every year for the last 10 years straight, appreciate every selfless minute he spends travelling each burned out old building and open dust field to sing for them and shake their hand.  Shame on you - grow up and grow a pair - Toby Keith and those guys overseas have more guts than you will ever possess.


05.17.2012 at 05:36 Reply

And your article makes you seem like MORE of a dick.