April 10th, 2012 By Hannah McCartney | News | Posted In: City Council

City Council Could Repeal Breed-Specific Law Soon

Seelbach says he has support of four colleagues for repealing pit bull ban

Repealing discriminatory breed-specific legislation could come sooner than expected for Cincinnati. Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach is working to draft a motion that he says could be ready for council signatures as early as today.

Yesterday, Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach tweeted this:

Last week, CityBeat's April 4 cover story, "Losing Fight," discussed Cincinnati's legislation that's outlawed ownership of pit bulls within city limits since 2003. Seelbach reveals to CityBeat that he made a pledge to work to repeal the city's ban on pit bulls when he was first elected to office in December 2011, and has met in with stakeholders in the past to discuss reform strategies. "I've always believed that entire breeds should not be punished — we need to punish bad owners," he says.

Seelbach's motion reportedly will seek to increase punishments for negligent owners, removing all breed-specific language and re-allowing the possession of pit bulls within Cincinnati city limits, similar to Ohio Gov. John Kasich's Substitute House Bill 14, which was signed into effect in February.

Once the motion is drafted, Seelbach says he'll need to obtain a minimum of five signatures from his eight council colleagues before the motion can be voted on in a committee. He counts off the names of four council members he's already heard are in support of creating new legislation, before the motion has even been discussed.

If the committee — most likely city council's public safety committee, according to Seelbach — chooses to pass the motion, it would then proceed to a formal vote before city council.

04.10.2012 at 10:12 Reply

I'm sick of this. Leave pits alone for once. Blame the ghetto rats, not the dogs. I'm sick of these lazy, dog abusing thugs. I hate that my parent's tax dollars have to go to them. They are lazy, they don't want to work, they kill pitbulls and they are thefts.


04.11.2012 at 01:51 Reply

Thank you Chris Seelbach!  Breed-specific legislation puts innocent animals to DEATH and wastes our tax dollars. You are a progressive and much needed voice of reason for our city. Racism, even towards animals, sets the wrong tone of intolerance and irrational judgement in our city.  It sounds too much like an echo of the race riots and anti-gay legislation that have been embarassments to our city in the past.  Thank you for speaking out for the sweet pets that so many of us love dearly, and for putting the responsibilty on the humans, where it belongs. 


04.11.2012 at 11:44 Reply

Wow, playing the race card on dogs.  Pretty sad.  Just accept that a higher % of pitbulls (due to centuries of breeding) are dangerous. Yes with nice owners, a pitbull could turn out ok, but the odds are not so good... how many more stories of innocent kids getting mauled to death do you need to read before you understand the risks?


04.11.2012 at 03:44

How many more dogs have to die due to ignorant people like you, Rob?  When will you people wake up and see it is the fault of the owners and not the dogs? God bless the Pitbulls.


04.12.2012 at 02:48

wow... no, you're pretty sad for rolling over and being part for the herd of 'sheep'.  you're complacency and lack of expecting accountability for those (people!) who have created this disaster is pathetic.  the ""race card"" is only thrown out there because maybe it's the only way for people to identify (and wake up) to how wrong it is to breed specific ban.  the reason the bully breed is getting the bad rap is because of over whelming irresponsibility to take care of the animal (spay/neuter,,,AND proper socialization) and have the dog as a member of the family and not as a slave (yes, I said it!  oh, and by the way... have you ever seen the 'rape rack'?... it's where they TIE UP the female so it be UNWILLINGLY impregnated.) AND to only have the dog for monetary (puppies/fighting) means.  this fight is for the people who take time and pride in their family member (e.g the dog) no matter what its breed.  also, if this happens with one breed then who's to say another isn't up on the docket?  


04.12.2012 at 03:11

Huh? Disaster? Sorry to say but pitbulls are too often the dogs of thugs. And even with proper socialisation, you can't fight against centuries of breeding. I think every city has the right to decide whether it wants to let this breed in its community or not (I'm not advocating putting them down, better to give them to police as security dogs).  


04.15.2012 at 09:06

The dogs of thugs?? Years of breeding?? Rob, you really must do your research. I have several college degrees, am a nurse, and own a home. Does that sound like a thug? I run an advocacy group here in Cincinnati for this breed as well as do rescue. I have started a walking meet up for bully owners. 56 people showed up today. Think they are all thugs? Discrimination is discrimination whether it be human or canine. Having the government tell the public which breed of the dog they can own is ridiculous.


04.30.2012 at 07:27

i am a disabled iraq vet my PITBULL is my service dog and i he loves my 4 year old nephew even when he pulls his tail. I love my dog he is litterally my right hand man i dont know where i would without him hes farrrrrr from vicious hes a big baby and is scared more than anything. A BAD TEMPERED CHIHUAHUA IS A NUISANCE A BAD TEMPERED PIT IS DANGEROUS BUT THE SPIRIT OF THESEFORMIDABLE TENDER YET TOUGH DOGS REVEALS ITSELF FULLY TO THOSE WHO LOVE THEM!!!!! iF YOU DONT WANT OR DONT LIKE PITS STAY AWAY NO ONE ASKED YOU TO TAKE ONE HOME BUT I LOVE AND CARE FOR MINE THE RIGHT WAY. Go volunteer at an animal shelter for a month or two and I bet your opinion would change, mine did. These dog are loyal and dedicated to their PACK which is their human and ghettoh mother fuckers take advantage of that then animal actovists place them in INPROPER homes this is the problem NOT the breed. When I came back from Iraq I couldnt stand looking at iraqui people and not because I am racist by any means, because I dont know if they killed my brother or if killed their its a constant battle. Now take a dog who only knows fighting its a constant battle for that dog and I dont know if i will EVER come over this and who knows if a dog can? But a pit from the right life and backround is just as great as a beagle 


04.13.2012 at 12:28 Reply

generalizations about pitbulls are not going to work for any of us.  

Dog owners ought to take full responsibility for their dogs' behavior. Those who own bull breeds of any sort need to care for them properly, understanding the distinctions of that breed... 

any legislation that deprives dog owners the right to raise a bully breed in this city does disservice to the people, and dogs in need of nurture. 

such legislation stops NO ONE who would raise them for illicit purposes. 

i would love to help us think of better ways to deal with this "problem", starting with a good analysis of the statistics (which will prove conclusively that pitbulls aren't a problem). 


04.13.2012 at 11:37

Rob, you are right.  My previous comment about was a touch emotionally biased, having known personally ONLY gentle, intelligent and very wonderful pitbulls.  Let's try some facts instead, since your "facts" are incorrect.  "According to the American Temperament Test Society in their February 19, 2012 results, the American Pit Bull Terrier has an 86.8% passing rate as compared to an "82.8% rate for all breeds."  So it seems a pitbull is LESS likely to maul someone than other dog breeds. (AmericanTemperament Test Society, Inc Feb. 19, 2012)


04.13.2012 at 11:46

Also, you keep bringing up "centuries of breeding"  Over the centuries pitbulls have been used as companion animals, even for celebrities and US presidents, herding dogs, heroes fighting along side soldiers on the battlefield, police dogs and therapy dogs.  That they are used as fighting dogs is a sick and unfortunate abuse of their unswerving loyalty, physical fortitude, and unbendable desire to please their handlers. But since you bring this up, that one facet of how these dogs are abused actually breeds them to be DOG aggressive, not human agressive. 



04.13.2012 at 11:58

Yes, I read that study. The american pitbull scores 86.8% pass rate, 1% point higher than a jack russell terrier. The problem isn't that all pitbulls are monsters. The problem is that when the 13.2% of pitbulls do get aggressive, they are much more dangerous to humans than other breeds. I'd rather deal with an angry jack russell than an angry pitbull terrier with its very strong jaw power. Of course there are other breeds that can kill, so I guess bull terriers have the worst rep. I acutally don't have as much a problem with the American pitbull as with the English bull Terrier (ugly beast).  Part of the blame goes to bad owners and for some reason too many pitbull owners are irresponsible dimwits who got the dog for the wrong reasons. 


05.02.2012 at 11:15 Reply