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Former Southgate House Location Announces May Shows

The Thompson House books The Agrrolites and Smile Empty Soul

aggrolites1The Aggrolites
It looks like the Thompson House, the venue that is taking the place of the much-beloved Southgate House in Newport, will be open by May. Ticketweb has advanced tickets on sale now for a May 18 concert by trad Ska/Soul revivalists The Aggrolites and Punk Bluegrass band Old Man Markley, as well as a May 27 booking featuring "post Grunge" group Smile Empty Soul. Former Avail singer Tim Barry also has a May 12 booking in the "Parlour" listed on his website.

A lot of Southgate House diehards have made it clear they won't be attending anything at the "new" venue, staying loyal to the former owners and management, who promised a new "Southgate House" would be reopened by the first quarter of 2012. (For those not so good at math, the first quarter of 2012 ended this past Saturday.) Photos emerged online of some of the interior redesign going on in preparation for the Thompson House opening and it's been a bit of a gut-punch for those who loved the old House, with a gaudy purple and gold color scheme and a lot of the vintage appeal (and woodworking) stripped away. (Check out some pics on the Facebook of former SGH bartendress Kristen Kreft, also a local musician with the band The Perfect Children.)

So what say you? If the Thompson House books a show you really want to see, will you attend?
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02.09.2013 at 10:48

Are you kidding me? They do not understand the loyalty the music community has to Ross Raliegh. Ross has been good to that community for decades and this hillbilly bit ch is going to swoop in and srongarm him out of his busness? Well, see how that works out. Thompson House is slowly..or mabe not so slowly...collapsing. And good riddance!! And the Revival is happening, great bands, great venue and awesome old building. Too bad we lost the old one....but on to better things!! And TH...eff you!!!!!!!!


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I won't drive from Louisville to see anyone there.


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Yes the whole thing sucked, but come on people who cares who runs the place as long as they dont start booking crap. If a show is there that is good I will go.


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They booked Smile Empty Soul, how terrible, they may just be booking crap


04.11.2012 at 03:17 Reply

No way, no how. I will not spend one thin dime in that joint, it's bad karma for sure...