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October 6th, 2008 By Stephen Carter-Novotni | Wellness/Renewal |

Monday Wellness Roundup


Christian Science Monitor: The Supreme Court is considering whether smokers in Maine can sue Philip Morris USA for marketing "light" and "low tar" cigarettes. At issue is whether these descriptions are misleading and fraudulent, indicating these cigarettes are healthier than regular smokes. (Hopefully PM will be sued out of existence.)

The Enquirer: Prosthetics improve the lives of vets injured in the Iraq War. (How long until they ask for people with prosthetic limbs to go back onto the battlefield?)

The Simple Dollar: How you can become a millionaire by 30. (Which, of course, we already all are here at CityBeat.)

Live Green Cincinnati: 10 ways to go green. (More important now than ever.)

Wall Street Journal: Smokers may benefit from CT scans for lung cancer. (They might also benefit from a smoking cessation program.)

New York Times: Fat acceptance folks challenge the health risks of obesity. (Which is insane.)

— Stephen Carter-Novotni

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