March 26th, 2012 By Kevin Osborne | News | Posted In: Media, Business, Community, Sports

Enquirer's Top Sports Editors Quit

Forbis, Glynn announce departures in emails


The Enquirer’s top two sports editors are resigning from the newspaper.

Assistant Managing Editor/Sports Barry Forbis and Deputy Sports Editor Rory Glynn announced their resignations last week in separate emails to fellow staffers.

Forbis, whose resignation becomes effective April 4, is leaving to join Fox Sports as a deputy managing editor in Los Angeles.

In his email, Forbis wrote, “I’ll be working with Jason Whitlock, Jen Engel, Bill Reiter, Greg Couch, Reid Forgrave, Mark Kriegel and A.J. Perez, not to mention a bunch of old friends. It’s a talented group, the job pays pretty well, and, uh, it’s L.A., so I’d have to consider it even if everything were perfect here. It’s not, of course, but you know as well as I do the challenges we have faced and the challenges you will continue to face.”

Forbis also thanked his co-workers, adding, “I want you to know how privileged I feel to have worked with you.

I’ve worked with a lot of great sports departments. I don’t know of any who did more with less. You guys are better at just plain getting it done than any group I’ve worked with.”

Glynn announced his departure in an email to the sports staff, which was then forwarded by another person to the entire news staff. The resignation apparently becomes effective Friday.

In his email, Glynn wrote, “Last week, I told Barry … that I’ve decided to resign at the end of the month. Barry knows this is something I’ve been wrestling with for months now; bless his persuasiveness, he’s talked me out of it on a couple of occasions. But it’s time.”

Glynn added, “You all don’t need me to go on about the challenges we all face. I’ll just say the ever-growing demands of this job and the demands of raising four kids are difficult to balance, and if sometimes I’ve focused too much on the first, now I choose to focus on the second."

Online Sports Content Manager Nick Hurm will replace the editors on a temporary basis.

As part of reductions mandated by its owner, The Gannett Co., The Enquirer has laid off about 150 workers during the past two years. Also, employees have had to take five unpaid furloughs during the past three years.

03.26.2012 at 03:47 Reply

You failed to mention that another 20 Enquirer reporters and editors will be walking out the door in the next month due to Gannett's early retirement buyout. For the Enquirer, it's not about getting quality people to put out the paper. It's about having enough warm bodies - which they don't. 


03.26.2012 at 04:07 Reply

Plain & simple...it's about GREED...noun:  excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.  antonym:  GENEROSITY 

I think finding out that Mr. Dubow will receive over $37million in bonus has sucked what little spirit was left out of the many talented and dedicated folks at The Enquirer.


03.27.2012 at 12:07 Reply

maybe they'll get an editor who can catch typos and bad grammar



03.27.2012 at 09:09 Reply

The toxic environment of Gannett newsrooms has long been common knowledge in the journalism business. In the good old days, The Enq. was a cash cow. But the cow dried up with the rest of the industry. I had heard all the stories before I took a job there, and, being a good, skeptical journalist, I figured they HAD to be exaggerating. They weren't. And those were the good old days. As the industry collapsed, the Gannett overloards were just as nice and helpful as you might expect them to be. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Gannettoids.