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December 19th, 2008 By Rick Pender | Arts & Culture | Posted In: Theater

Stage Door: Jesus Christ Superstar


I know it's Christmas and not Easter, but don't let that stop you from seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at The Carnegie Center in Covington. It's a faithful reproduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber's first big hit (back in 1971), a Rock opera that retells the story of the last days of Christ, leading up to his crucifixion.

This production features energetic choreography and some solid individual performances, especially Roderick Justice as Judas. He's played the role before, when he was a student at Northern Kentucky University (he was nominated for a 2004 CEA for the role), and he's part of a cast that includes several others who were in that NKU staging, directed by theater program chair Ken Jones.

For the first time, The Carnegie's stage in the Otto M. Budig Theatre — really designed for lectures and the like — works effectively for a theatrical performance. Jones and his designers from Commonwealth Theatre Company (NKU's off-campus theater arm) have extended the performing area with a runway in front of the proscenium; the five musicians are in full view upstage, two above and three below, so you can see them play while the cast dances and sings closer to the audience. It makes for a good evening's entertainment. (Through Dec. 28.)

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