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If you've ever felt like your car was held hostage by a towing company wanting an exorbitant fee before it would release your vehicle, this will sound like sweet justice. The city of Cincinnati's prosecutor has begun a criminal investigation of Kenwood Towing, based on allegations of overcharging. The firm, which has locations in Northside and South Cumminsville, also has been indefinitely suspended from its city contracts pending the investigation's outcome. Ohio law limits how much towing companies can charge, but residents have complained that Kenwood routinely violates the law, in some cases charging 400 percent more than is allowed.

Leasing issues with some current tenants at Corryville Plaza could delay parts of a major redevelopment project near the University of Cincinnati. The $78 million first phase of U Square @ The Loop is underway, with construction of shops and apartments along William Howard Taft Road. But plans to demolish and revamp the plaza where a Kroger grocery store and a Walgreen's pharmacy are located might be postponed. That's because three tenants — a chiropractic center, furniture store and clothing retailer – remain under lease under 2015. Developers are negotiating for their earlier departure.

The recent, unexpected death of Hamilton County Coroner Anaht Bhati means local Democratic officials have until Thursday to find a replacement candidate to put on the November ballot. Besides investigating suspicious deaths, the coroner can act as a de facto commissioner if two of the three Hamilton County commissioners are unavailable to conduct business for some reason.

Ongoing construction at the Horseshoe Casino on downtown's eastern edge will cause some detours for motorists. Beginning today, the work will close Eggleston Avenue between Central Avenue and East Court Street for about four months.

In news elsewhere, the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign raised $6.6 million last month and spent $13.9 million, according to a report filed Monday with the Federal Election Commission. Politico reports the paperwork reveals 25 six-figure donations, many from repeat donors, which accounted for $4.9 million of Restore Our Future’s January haul. Money might not buy love, but it can give new life to a lackluster candidate.

More than 2,000 angry Afghans gathered outside a US military base to protest the allegedly inadvertent burning of Korans and other Islamic religious materials. The items are thought to have been burned as part of routine disposal of garbage at Bagram Air Field. (Yep, we're winning hearts and minds over there, don'tcha know.)

DSK is in trouble yet again. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, is being detained for questioning by French police investigating a prostitution ring. Strauss-Kahn, once a front-runner for the French presidency, was charged last year in New York with the attempted rape of a hotel maid. Prosecutors later dropped the case, stating it would be difficult to win a conviction.

Government officials are offering a reward of nearly $1 million for the capture of 30 inmates who broke out of a prison in Mexico on Sunday. The governor said the inmates staged a riot, during which 44 people died, to create a diversion for their escape. The fugitives are gang members involved in the Mexican drug trade, he added.
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I appreciate that you offer some news but why cna't you offer at least a link to your source or a site that might offer a more complete report?

And, are you looking for discussion of these topics?


02.21.2012 at 05:33

See all those red words throughout the blog? Those are links to sources. See this commenting area? It's a place for discussion!


02.21.2012 at 05:32 Reply

I stand partly corrected now that I see that those "red" phrases are the links are the actual articles that you copied.

That fact only brings up essentially my original complaint because none of the source articles have the quality of coverage that I would expect from a good news source.


Perhaps I don't know what you are trying to do. I was hoping CityBeat would ahve higher quality that the Enquirer.  Don't you know that some of us are totally disgusted with that rag, which does almost everything wrong.

I don't expect CityBeat to provide information on exvery issue that comes up but I was hoping for quality when you chose an article to cover.

In any case, an article in the Enquirer should be considered to be an unconfirmed rumor not a friggin news source!


02.21.2012 at 05:57 Reply

Dieter, the sources above include BBC News, NPR and The Independent, a respected British newspaper. In recent days, they've also include The Washington Post, The New York Times and others.

This is a news aggregation item, designed to be a quick roundup of what's happening in the world. Perhaps it's just not your cup of tea.