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February 7th, 2012 By Hannah McCartney | Music | Posted In: Live Music

Local Orgs Can Host Free Choir Games Performances

choirgamesThe 7th Choir Games will be held July 4- 14, 2012 - Courtesy: World Choir Games Flickr account

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the buzz about the World Choir Games, which will feature 20,000 participants from across the globe representing cultural singing traditions and some serious musical expertise competing right here in Cincinnati.

So, this July, it’s going to be the summer of song in Cincinnati, thanks to the massive influx of singing professionals for the 2012 World Choir Games. But even those who can’t afford tickets for the games will be able to engage in 11-day musical celebration, thanks to the “Friendship Concerts.”

Locations around Cincinnati can have real, resonating (literally) role in the event by bringing the grandeur of the Choir Games to every community if Cincinnati by hosting a Friendship Concert—free, 45-80 minute-long performances by official participants in the games for any interested spectators.

The World Choir Games anticipates that the Friendship Concerts will be held at city squares, public venues, parks, streets, malls — any events with regular foot traffic.

Does that sound like your business, organization or a good hotspot around the city? Consider applying as a host for a Friendship Concert. Visit the World Choir Games website to check out the application. Applications for hosts will be accepted through 5 p.m. on Feb. 29. Locations will be selected and assigned in March.

In case you didn’t realize, the selection of Cincinnati as host for the games is a big deal — in fact, Cincinnati was chosen as the first-ever U.S. host city for the seventh anniversary of the games. Originally developed by German-based non-profit INTERKULTUR, it’s marked as the largest international event in the region’s history.

According to the 2012 World Choir Games website, the event, which runs a span of 11 days from July 4–14, is expected to have a total economic impact of $73.5 million on our city; that includes spending by the 200,000 plus spectators, 20,000 participants and a $10 million operating budget set by the World Choir Games.

If you’re interested in purchasing an actual ticket for any portion of the games, you’ll have to wait until March 1.

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