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January 31st, 2012 By Kevin Osborne | News | Posted In: News, 2012 Election, Republicans, State Legislature

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What’s up with politicians claiming ignorance of the law? Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has run afoul of Survivor (the ‘80s band, not the TV show) for using its song, “Eye of the Tiger,” without the band’s permission while campaigning.

Of course, numerous other candidates in recent years have faced similar dilemmas including Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Perhaps they all have a sense of entitlement.

Today is when Florida voters cast ballots in their primary election and, although almost everyone concedes Mitt Romney probably will be the winner,
don’t count Gingrich out just yet. As Politico puts it, “Gingrich needs a close race more than Romney needs a blowout victory.”

Indiana State Rep. Jud McMillin (R-Brookville)
pulled his bill that called for the drug testing of applicants for welfare after it was successfully amended by Democrats to also require drug testing for lawmakers. McMillin alleges he will introduce the measure again later.

It hasn’t received much attention in this nation yet, but
U.S. federal prosecutors are battling with a Swiss bank about the possible hiding of assets for American tax cheats. Clients pulled 4 billion Swiss francs ($4.35 billion) from Wegelin, Switzerland’s oldest bank, due to the investigation.

Critics say Colorado State Rep. Laura Bradford (R-Colbran)
used a loophole in state law to avoid a DUI charge. A provision in Colorado’s constitution exempts lawmakers from arrest when traveling to or from legislative sessions, except in cases of treason or felony.

Six scientists and doctors have filed
a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), alleging harassment and unlawful firing. The plaintiffs say FDA officials spied as they accessed their personal email accounts on government computers. It occurred after they warned Congress that the agency was approving medical devices that they believed posed unacceptable risks to patients.

Covington Mayor Chuck Scheper will give the annual State of the City address tonight at the Madison Theater. He will say that Covington faces a $20 million deficit over the next five years unless changes are made to the benefits and pension plans of municipal workers.

Village officials in Glendale have
temporarily stopped sending emails to residents following a spam attack on its computer that originated in Germany.

A Metro driver was shot Monday afternoon while she was driving her bus in Kennedy Heights. The driver, who was grazed in the arm by the bullet that came through her windshield, continued driving a short distance away to make sure that her passengers were safe.

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