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obamaPresident Barack Obama

The big news this morning is President Obama’s State of the Union address, which revealed an assertive, populist side to B-Rock that’s largely been missing during the first three years of his term.

Will Obama keep his promises to go after Wall Street excesses and reckless financial firms, or is it mere election year posturing like apparently many of his statements in 2008 were? Only time will tell.

On the GOP side, Newt Gingrich threatened to boycott future Republican presidential debates if his supporters in the audience aren’t allowed to cheer and clap. His bluster comes one day after he appeared at a Tampa debate where rival Mitt Romney went on the attack. Without the feedback from his supporters, Gingrich often appeared nervous and uncomfortable.

Oh, Newt: Who knew you were so needy?

In political news from another era, the final 45 hours of secret tape recordings made in the Oval Office by President Kennedy were released Tuesday. The tapes span the last three months of his presidency, before his assassination in November 1963. The existence of the tapes became public during Watergate hearings in 1973.

Ever wonder why food at McDonalds sucks so much (except for the french fries), and whether the fast food chain could do better? Look no further than France for the answer. C'est une bonne nourriture!

Locally, Cincinnati City Council is expected to approve $10 million in funding at its meeting this afternoon to build four homeless shelters. The action is part of the $25 million effort by Strategies to End Homelessness (formerly the Continuum of Care for the Homeless), which is designed to help create individual, temporary and permanent housing units for single homeless men and women, along with adding 191 transitional housing beds.

State Sen. Eric Kearney (D-North Avondale) was selected as the president of Ohio Senate’s Democrats, which are the minority party in the legislative body. He replaces a Cleveland area lawmaker who didn’t seek the post again.

Ground will finally be broken today for U Square @ The Loop, a long-delayed apartment, hotel and shopping project near the University of Cincinnati. The $78 million project is being managed by Al Neyer Inc. and Towne Properties, the latter of which is owned by the family of ex-City Councilman Chris Bortz.

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