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January 18th, 2012 By Mike Breen | Music | Posted In: Live Music, Local Music, Music Video

Squeeze the Day for 1/18

The Dig and The Ready Stance at MOTR, plus Today in Music with Van Halen and Frankie Knuckles

the digThe Dig (Photo: Facebook)

Music Tonight: MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine hosts a solid Indie Rock double bill tonight (made extra appealing by MOTR's "never a cover charge" policy) as "buzz band" The Dig swings through for a show with Cincinnati's The Ready Stance. Featuring a couple of former members of onetime local music heroes Middlemarch, The Ready Stance is coming into the home stretch with its debut album, Damndest. The band currently has its sights set on a March/April release for its debut (check the group's site here for the latest). The Dig began in New York City's Lower East Side just four years ago; not long after forming, they were selling out shows in the Big Apple. After a couple years touring the States non-stop (with the likes of The Walkmen, The Antlers, The Editors and even a few bands whose moniker doesn't begin with a "the"), The Dig issued its debut, Electric Toys, in 2010; by the end of that year, the album would appear on numerous "Best Of" lists by critics far and wide. The Dig's follow-up is due very soon, so you'll likely hear a few newer songs at tonight's show. Check out Brian Baker's preview of tonight's show from this week's CityBeat here and then dig The Dig's video for Electric Toys track "You're Already Gone" below.

Momentous Happenings in Music History for January 18
On this day in 1984, rockers Van Halen began a massive tour of North America (including over 100 dates) in support of its album 1984, the band's real Pop breakthrough.

VH recently announced a new tour with original singer David Lee Roth, which you have probably heard all about thanks to overkill attention by the press (and, no doubt, Van Halen's PR team). The hype was also pushed along by the announcement that the group is working on new material with Roth, which would have been great news, say, 25 years ago. You never know, though. Maybe they'll pull off something special — at the very least, it will likely be better than any of the songs from the Van Hagar days.

How about a classic from that 1984 era? Here's the low-budget video for "Jump," the quality of which is about at the level of what an 8-year-old with a computer, cellphone camera and lots of spandex could put together today in an afternoon.

Born This Day: Musical movers and shakers born Jan. 18 include: Temptations lead vocalist David Ruffin (1941); singer/songwriter and now one of the most famous producers around (Elvis Costello, the O' Brother soundtrack), T-Bone Burnett (1945); Gangsta rapper/producer DJ Quik (1970); and DJ/Dance music pioneer Frankie Knuckles (1955).

Known as the godfather of House music, Knuckles (which actually is his real name) was born in the Bronx and began deejaying in New York in the early ’70s. In the mid-70s he moved to Chicago where he became a popular club DJ (he also opened his own club, The Power Plant, in the early ’80s). Knux also began recording and releasing records of his own music, helping to shape the sound of mid-’80s House music in Chicago, where it blossomed and would go on to heavily influence popular music.

Knuckles left the Windy City right as the Chicago scene was exploding, and returned to New York where he'd continue his successful music career by mixing and producing superstars like Michael Jackson and En Vogue, among countless others. But he's still very much a Chicago famous son — none other than Barack Obama  christened a Chicago street "Frankie Knuckles Way" (onetime home to the famed Warehouse club, where Knuckles started spinning in Chi-Town) in 2004 when the future Prez was a little-known Illinois State Senator. 

If you've ever done that "boom-chk boom-chk, boom-chk" dance club beat with your mouth, you probably owe Frankie Knuckles some royalties. Here's Mr. Knuckles' cut "Your Love."

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