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January 18th, 2012 By Eli Johnson | The Morning After | Posted In: Movies, Music

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In a taped messaged to Betty White, who today turns 90, President Barack Obama wrote a note saying, “Dear Betty, You look so fantastic and full of energy, I can't believe you're 90 years old. In fact, I don't believe it. That's why I'm writing to ask if you will be willing to produce a copy of your long-form birth certificate. Thanks. Happy Birthday, no matter how old you are.” Video here.

Thomas A. Green is suing Lindsay Lohan for $300,000 for unfair business practices because she “might be a high-end prostitute.” This guy also thinks he killed Osama bin Laden.

George Lucas says he’s done making Star Wars movies. “I’m retiring,” Lucas told The New York Times. “I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff."

Liam Neeson, in all his badassery, ate a damn wolf to prepare for his role in the upcoming film The Grey. “[The wolf] was quite nice,” said Neeson.

The Grammys will have an official host for the first time in seven years and it will be LL Cool J, who hasn’t been relevant for about the same amount of time. 

Wikipedia is going dark for 24 hours, which means I can’t write this paper on the works of Billy Shakes. What is a Taming of the Shrew? Anyone?

Last week a Los Angeles woman was arrested for offering sexual favors for Chicken McNuggets. Would we even be having this discussion if we were talking about a McRib? I didn’t think so.

Some people would do literally anything for this delicious treat.

This is the smallest working dog in the world, Lucy the six-inch, two-and-a-half pound Yorkie.

Burger King is now delivering at 10 locations in Maryland and Virginia. No word yet on whether they will deliver to my downtown Cincinnati condo. 

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