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Why Chiquita Left


Chiquita Brands International decided to move its headquarters from Cincinnati primarily due to logistical reasons involving limited flights at the region's airport, said CEO Fernando Aguirre in a recent interview.

The company first considered moving its headquarters five years ago, he added.

Aguirre's comments are from an interview he gave to the Charlotte Business Journal, a sister newspaper to Cincinnati's Business Courier.

Chiquita executives announced in November that it would move its headquarters and more than 300 well-paying jobs to Charlotte, N.C., after receiving $22 million in economic incentives. Chiquita said it will save about $4 million annually over a decade by making the move.

“It was a very tough decision,” Aguirre told the Business Journal. “But it ended up a reasonably simple decision because of the many different positives associated with the move, from the incentives to the logistics with the airport, to attracting good Hispanic talent, to a business community that seemed quite open and good.”

Aguirre added, “We were close to moving five years ago or so, but we decided not to move at the time. We restarted the process a little more than a year ago. Charlotte didn’t come to light until probably nine months ago.”

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Chiquita moved to Cincinnati from New York in 1987, when it was owned by local entrepreneur Carl Lindner Jr. His majority ownership ended in 2002, after Chiquita exited from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

12.22.2011 at 10:20 Reply

You wont be missing much in Chiquita. Convicted of sponsering terrorist org's in Columbia.Invented the phrase "Banana Republic", and are now preaching good clean living by shunning Canadian oil.

    The sands of Alberta have become the poster child of ecochondriacs everywhere. Would you like to buy oil from your responsable cousins to the north or......Hugo Chavez,the wahabist terror exporters of Saudi Arabia? Maybe Nigeria,Iran,et al. 

   Enviromental standards,human rights, workers safety and a damn good rate of compensation exist here.

  Just do your homework. Patrick Moore,co-founder of greenpeace will tell you just how well the sands are being reclaimed.He will also tell you how the eco-industry has lost it's way.More religion than science.

   Michael j Sobolewski Edmonton Alberta


12.29.2011 at 07:16

Hey Kanada. What are you talking about?


12.25.2011 at 11:09 Reply

CityBeat would be a great place for an article exposing just how crooked the KCAB-Delta alliance is, and what it has cost the region.


12.29.2011 at 07:49

I am going to assume the question is not rhetorical. Chiquita,joined with the eco-facists to denounce oil from the northern sands of Alberta. A blantant face saving move to deflect attention from there own criminal practices.Way too much detail for this forum. Just read "Ethical Oil" by Ezra Levant.

      Do you know the #1 source of imported oil to America is Alberta Canada?  Much more on its way if Obama stops putting politics before nation. EPA approved,the keystone XL pipeline wld provide immediate,non taxpayer funded jobs. High paying jobs for an initial 20k people in the U.S.A.

  Better.....security of supply,safer,more enviromentaly freindly,and keeping large of amounts of $$$ out of the hands of countries that hate America and use your own money to attack you.

    Read "Ethical Oil"     M


12.29.2011 at 07:20 Reply

I found the remark: "... to attracting good Hispanic talent,..." very interesting. Is this a reality or a perception?  Either way, it does nothing for our area.