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December 8th, 2008 By | News | Posted In: Business

P&G Wants to Cut the Cheese (Legally Speaking)


Procter & Gamble is continuing its legal struggle with Kraft. What, you may ask, is vexing them?

In August of last year, P&G brought a case against Kraft, not for being the cheesiest but for selling coffee in plastic containers. That's right, 15 months in court over the materials used in packaging. P&G starting selling their Folgers ground coffee in plastic containers before Kraft did it with Maxwell House. They did seek patents on their revolutionary innovation, and when Kraft switched from metal to plastic containers P&G brought down the thunder.

The case had reached the U.S. Court of Appeals, but Friday that court sent it back to U.S. district court. It's curious that cases like this can be passed around. The Court of Appeals said the district court "abused its discretion by effectively denying P&G's motion with proper consideration of the merits." Sounds a bit like "wait a minute, don't try to pass this off on us ... you deal with it."

Here's the kicker: P&G sold Folgers a month ago to Smuckers. So they're actually continuing legal action on a product they no longer own. Hardcore.

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