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R.I.P. Newport's Village Discount Outlet

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Tristate hipsters' shopping selection has significantly decreased with the closing of Newport's Village Discount Outlet this week.

The 2010 Best of Cincinnati readers' pick for Best Clothing Store (Non-Chain) is closed permanently, according to Village Discount, Inc., representatives in Columbus. The other area location, in Colerain, has been closed for some time now.

Although it had lost some of its charm due to recent popularity, Village Thrift will always be remembered as the place to go for unique knick-knacks, ironic T-shirts and crazy good deals.

To honor this lost gem, I'd like to note some special items I have purchased at Village Discount - Newport:

- Various holiday-themed turtlenecks

- Faux dried flowers in a shadowbox

- Purple-sleeved raglan shirt

- Oil paintings to repurpose/vandalize

- Countless Christmas records

- Yellow-and-grey-striped Harajuku Lovers longjohns

You'll be missed, Village, but we'll always have the memories.

12.13.2011 at 03:19 Reply

I have the yellow and grey striped Harajuku Lovers longjohns too! Everyone loves them and asks where i got them and they don't believe me when I say a discount outlet. Sad day, the Village will be greatly missed. But at least my pants will live on forever!


12.13.2011 at 03:33 Reply

now where am i gonna get my ties?


12.13.2011 at 06:55 Reply

Wow I can't believe it I go there two or three times a week and its nothing like the good will I can always find a bargain for me and my kids.  Very upset about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12.15.2011 at 02:53

I know how you all feel. We..former employees...feel just as devastated. We were all taken by surprise at the decision to actually close the store at a moment notice. I will miss the customers and the nice treaure finds as well.


12.15.2011 at 02:41 Reply

I can't wear NEW jeans they chafe me!  Please somebody open a new store that is just as awesome!