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WATCH: 30-Minute Southgate House Documentary

sghSouthgate House - (Photo: jimcdesign.net)

In the summer of 2009, several student filmmakers from Northern Kentucky University decided to make a documentary about Newport music venue the Southgate House. With a soundtrack loaded with local music (Mack West, The Tillers and many others), the movie features some great historical information about the old mansion, lovely footage of the interior and exterior of the building and lots of interviews with area musicians, music lovers, Southgate employees and longtime operator Ross Raleigh, all discussing the uniqueness of the club and what it means to the local music community. There are some prescient comments towards the end about what losing the Southgate would mean to the music scene. Click below to watch the full shebang.

12.15.2011 at 05:56 Reply

Did you know this documentary was made by NKU students? 

Did you know NKU students are also documenting the whole last month of the SGH?


12.16.2011 at 09:23

Yes! (See first sentence) And yes, that's great about the last month documentation! Can't wait to see it. Loved this film (and not just because I'm in it for a few secs). It's a great historical document.


12.17.2011 at 08:58 Reply

I lived in an apartment building next door in 1956.  I was 11 years old and loved to watch the people go into the Southgate House for parties.  It was called the K of C then of course.  I loved to see the beautiful dresses the ladies wore and was one of the highlights of my childhood.