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December 5th, 2011 By Danny Cross | News | Posted In: 2012 Election, Occupy Wall Street, Protests, News, Technology, Science, Social Justice, Sports, City Council

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Occupy D.C. protesters built some type of structure in a park Saturday night, and police on Sunday notified them that they didn't have a permit and took it down, arresting dozens in the process. It was a pretty nice structure, though.

City Council will begin discussing City Manager Milton Dohoney's 2012 budget today, and it's expected to be fairly smooth since there are no proposed layoffs, or closings of health clinics, rec centers or school nurses.

State officials are trying to get construction companies to pay for the roads they mess up with their giant equipment. After that they can try to figure out what to do about the state's pending loss of jobless benefits in the new year.

Reds executives head out to baseball's Winter Meetings today. Here's their shopping list.

"One please!"

The leaders of Germany and France are pushing a new treaty that could save the Euro. Some see it as a long shot, though.

Carbon dioxide emissions jumped by the largest amount ever last year. Coal combustion was responsible for half the growth.

A group of luxury car enthusiasts in Japan crashed a bunch of expensive cars in a freeway pileup. Involved were eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes. Safety first, people!

Madonna will perform at this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

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