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Weekend Squeeze for 12/3 & 4

Weekend concert previews with Hank 3, Unkown Hinson, Kenny Ozz-Fest, James Leg, Reel Big Fish and more

unknownUnknown Hinson (Photo: Provided)

Music Saturday: If Herman Munster had decided he wanted to play stand-up Country/Rockabilly bass, he'd have a gig in the band of enigmatic performer Unknown Hinson offered to him immediately. Despite the high camp of UH's persona (his bio says he looks like "Dracula's nasty little brother who spent some hard years drinking and working as a carnival barker for a second-rate freak show"), the super-charged, funny-as-all-hell Honky Tonk he and his band pump out is seriously kick-ass. Billy Bob Thorton has called Unknown one of his favorite songwriters and a "genius picker," Simpsons creator Matt Groening has lauded his guitar playing (and comedic sensibility) and Hank Williams III has Unknown's face tattooed on his arm — all high (and kinda weird, fittingly) praise. Combined, the image and sound make for a thoroughly entertaining concert experience. Read more about Hinson (who voices the character Early Cuyler on The Squidbillies) from this week's CityBeat here. Unknown Hinson is at the Southgate House in Newport Saturday with The Lewis Brothers. Showtime is 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance or $18 at the door. And bring all your gal pals — "womens likes it," or so I've heard. Give a listen to a li'l Hinson holiday cheer in the form of "Black and Blue Christmas" below.

• Speaking of Hank3 — he's also in town Saturday for his own show, across the river at Bogart's. Hank's a rascal like his pops and grandpops, but in a totally different way. A Hank 3 show is more likely to feature Williams' Doom Metal music, but he's also known to drop a few of his more straight-up Country tunes into a setlist. Showtime is 9 p.m. and tickets are $16.50. If I were a betting man, I'd say you just might spot Hank after the show paying his old pal Unknown a visit. Check Hank3 out below doing a tune by his granddad. Spittin' image or what?

• Kenny Ozz, local music supporter and lead singer for the Punk/Glam/Rock band Drugstore Valentine, is like a lot of us when it comes to birthdays — get a bunch of friends together, listen to some good music and have a few cocktails. Unlike most of us, Ozz doesn’t just do this in his basement or backyard. Saturday, Ozz and his pals present “Kenny Ozz-fest IV,” part birthday bash, part music festival, at its new location — Mayday in Northside. The lineup is chock full of local Rock and Punk acts, including Pagan Holiday, Total Dudes, Suicide Lane, One Last, Kissing Daylight, Shocker and Billy Carri. The show will also feature the debut of a band called V-Twin Sin, as well as the birthday boy’s latest project, Kenny Ozz and the Sin City Vampires. The night will conclude with an all-star jam featuring various members of local bands both on the bill and not. Several vendors and guests will also be on hand, including reps from Hustler Hollywood, members of the indoor football team Cincinnati Commandos and wrestlers from the LSC Wrestling league. The doors open at 4 p.m. and music gets rolling at 7 p.m. Like most Mayday shows, the event is free, but those attending are asked to donate $5 to help pay for the bands and sound person.

Music Sunday: James Leg of Nashville Blues/Rock/Garage band Black Diamond Heavies has spent much of this year touring the world in support of his solo debut (and taking along Cincy uber-drummer Andy Jody and what looks to be a heavy keyboard set-up). Sunday night, he'll be bringing the tour to Junker's in Northside for a free show. Below, check out a really cool vid with footage from one of the twosome's last appearances at Junker's.

• Ska-influenced Rock/Punk crews Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish play a co-headlining show at Bogart's Sunday night. Showtime is 7 p.m. and tickets are $22. While this show should be the full-on RBF and/or SM experience fans have come to expect, both units have been flirting with acoustic performance lately. Streetlight's Tomas Kalnoky released the solo Streetlight Lullabies in the fall, featuring 10 SM tunes rendered on acoustic guitar, while Reel Big Fish's 22 acoustic reworkings on the Skacoustic album were recently made available on iTunes for the first time. Below, check out an acoustic take of RBF's biggest hit, "Sell Out." Read more about the band here.

• The always surprising and talented progressive "big band," Patrick Kelly's long-running PsychoAcoustic Orchestra, will host a holiday party at the Blue Wisp Sunday at 7:30 p.m. The group will offer some nontraditional twists on traditional holiday tunes, along with other material. Cover charge is $12.

Kelly recently posted this funny original tune about the commercialization of the holidays called "Consumer Christmas."

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