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It's deadline day for the Congressional super-committee charged with reducing the federal budget by $1.2 trillion, and talks are not going so well. The defense and national security budgets are going to face the majority of automatic spending cuts if the two sides can't make a deal.

Disagreements have centered on whether tax increases should form part of the budget reduction measures, with Democrats in favor of such rises but Republicans opposed.

A last-minute proposal that included some new taxes raised hopes in the final week of negotiations, but could not muster enough support. …

Republicans had also demanded cuts in entitlement programs, such as social security, Medicare and Medicaid — something that Democrats had shown willingness to permit, but only in return for tax rises on the rich that were not forthcoming from the other side.

City Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan sued the city of Cincinnati last week for treading on her to the tune of 13 cents.

The state of Ohio has banned Michigan-hating license plates due to the more creative Ohio State University football fans trying to use plates such as "KILBLU," "HATEMI" (HATE M-I) and "UMH8ER" (U-M HATER). Time to go back to the Calvin stickers, football fans.

University of California placed its Davis campus police chief and two officers on leave after video of the pepper spraying of Occupy protesters went viral over the weekend. The school's chancellor, Linda Katehi, says the school needs her too much for her to resign in the wake of outrage over how she handled the pepper-spraying incident.

Katehi gave the initial order to campus police, who wore riot gear during the standoff, to dismantle the UC-Davis Occupy encampment because camping on college grounds is officially forbidden. ...

The UC-Davis faculty association called for Katehi's resignation Saturday, writing in a letter there had been a "gross failure of leadership."

Tablet demand is high this holiday season. Up 130 percent, actually, due to the sweetness of Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Hackers remotely shut down A Central Illinois' water supply pump by turning it off and on until it broke. Federal investigators are looking into it.

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and JLo reportedly “rocked” the American Music Awards last night.

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