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November 16th, 2011 By Eli Johnson | The Morning After |

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Turns out Biebs did not have sex with Mariah Yeater. Or at the very least didn’t impregnate her with a Bieber baby. The paternity suit filed against the pop star was dropped after Bieber’s lawyers threatened legal action against Yeater and her lawyers. Bieber was prepared to take paternity test to prove he was not the father of Yeater’s 3-month-old baby. The court date was set for Dec. 16.

Talib Kweli premiered “Distraction,” a new track, at the Occupy Wall Street protests a while back and here is an a cappella performance of it on Sway in the Morning.

Want to stream the new Saul Williams? Click here.

The beagle that survived an Alabama dog pound’s gas chamber has found himself a new home in New Jersey. Joe Dwyer and his family in Northern New Jersey received the dog last Thursday from Eleventh Hour Rescue, an organization that took the dog in after it pawed Death in the jugular. Volunteers named the dog “Daniel” after the dude in the bible who survived the lion’s den.

Who is this ‘Death’ you speak of? I wag my tail at him.”

Despite weeks of protest in the form of an online petition that garnered hundreds of thousands of names, Detroit Lions fans will still have to listen to Nickelback perform during halftime of their Thanksgiving Day game. “We are honored to perform at the United Way halftime show on Thanksgiving Day,” Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger said. “We always love playing in Detroit, our fans there have been tremendously supportive of us through the years and we can’t wait to come back and celebrate an exciting day for the Lions and the city of Detroit.”

Kent Couch, the guy who in 2008 flew a lawn chair supported by a bunch of party balloons 235 miles, has postponed his planned Iraq flight. He and Iraqi daredevil Fareed Lafta had planned a trip but put off the flight until March to better accommodate the groups who want to use the stunt to raise awareness of the Iraqi orphan crisis.

An Ohio barber whose business just isn’t cutting it these days (NAILED IT!) is now letting customers name their own price for a haircut. Gregory Burnett has accepted as little as $5 for a haircut usually worth $12.

Director John Singleton (Baby Boy) is going to reunite with Tyrese Gibson to work on his next film, an untitled “crazy, dysfunctional love story set in the hood.” Singleton still has to find a way to finance the movie but sees no shame in asking Tyler Perry for money to make a Tyler Perry movie.

Olivia Wilde plays a stripper in the new dark horse contender for an Oscar, Butter. But I’m sure you already clicked the link after you saw the word “stripper” and Olivia Wilde in the same sentence.

Happy Birthday to Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lisa Bonet, Martha Plimpton, Harry Lenix and Ellen Albertini Dow.

Ellen, you saucy bitch, you.

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