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Learn How to Make a Drink



Bartender: Taryn

BarFries Cafe (3247 Jefferson Ave., Clifton, 513-281-9002). I think this place is really comfortable but it generally smells like barf even though no one is barfing. Here's our review from the Swizzle Guide: There's almost something inherently wholesome about your neighborhood dive, and Fries is no exception other than it seems to embrace its dive-iness. It has the feeling of the childhood excursion to Grandma's, but only if she had a habit of chain-smoking two packs of unfiltered Pall Malls everyday for 40 years and hoarding Depression-era spearmint leaves in her bureau. But just like Grandma, Fries is sturdy and reliable. The furniture appears like it might have seen hard times, but it that more durable for having done so. The urinals are indeed unique. (RM) Amenities: Shuffleboard; pool tables; darts; video games; outdoor patio.

Drink: Taryn's favorite yummy shot is a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. To make it, put vanilla vodka in a shaker. Add pineapple juice and ice (if you want it cold). Shake it, shake it, shake it up. Then strain that mixture into a shot glass and add a little bit of grenadine. This is like the cherry on top. Then drink it. It's delicious!

Fries' yummy shot of choice: A Swedish Fish. This drink is a mix of Black Haus liquor (which is blackberry flavored Schnapps), cranberry juice and sour mix. Put these things in a shaker with ice, shake it and then strain it. It actually tastes like a Swedish Fish, a friend you can eat, or drink.

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