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November 14th, 2011 By Danny Cross | News | Posted In: 2011 Election, 2012 Election, Occupy Cincinnati, Occupy Wall Street, Police, Social Justice, News, City Council, LGBT Issues

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14starbucksmet_photo1Photo: Boston Globe
One of the judges overseeing the Occupy Cincinnati trespassing cases says there's nothing in the city charter that gives the Park Board the authority to dole out misdemeanors.
Several other municipal court judges either declined comment or said they would consider the point Stockdale makes in his letter if it is raised during the hearings.

Attorneys for the protesters said they intend to do just that. They already have asked judges to dismiss the charges on grounds the park board rules violate the free speech rights of the protesters.

They say Stockdale’s letter raises another weakness in the city’s case against their clients.

“Whether it’s a violation of the First Amendment or an over-reach by the park board, they are clearly relevant questions,” said Rob Linneman, an attorney for the protesters.

Oakland Police arrested 25 Occupy Oakland protesters this morning and reportedly removed all the tents outside City Hall. The Oakland Tribune has a live blog covering it here.

Members of Occupy Cleveland have staged a sit-in at the soon-to-be-foreclosed home of a mother of two.

The 46 parents with vacation days to burn entered their second week of camping out in front of Fairview-Clifton German Language School in Clifton, hoping to score one of the 38 kindergarten spots for next year.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Clifton, a late-night explosion blew out the front of the Jerusalem Cafe restaurant and is being investigated by the Feds.

The Enquirer recanted Chris Seelbach's election and his efforts in repealing Article 12 back in 2004. Voters in Indianapolis and Charlotte repeatedly elected their first-ever openly gay candidates last week.

60 Minutes last night aired a report on Congressional insider trading, which is apparently legal.

Herman Cain's wife says he “totally respects women” even though that's not what all the accusers of sexual harassment are saying.

Starbucks has been charging a hidden $1.50 fee on bags of coffee less than 1 pound, but now that Massachusetts has fined it, the company says it will stop now.

JC Penny posted a third-quarter loss after high restructuring costs and low sales. Maybe it will stop making stupid commercials like this one:

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