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Updating the Media Bloodbath


Here's a little more on the layoffs being announced today at The Cincinnati Enquirer.

First, an anonymous poster on the Gannett Blog listed the following positions as being eliminated in the latest round: Copy desk chief, business editor, lead graphic designer, a photo desk coordinator, a community news editor, the video trainer, a copy editor, a features copy editor, a news desk editor and a bureau chief.

"There's some seniority and age here, but also some newer, younger folks," the poster wrote. "No reporters were let go. A lot of dead weight remains."

Peter Bronson, anyone?

Meanwhile, another anonymous poster -- also presumably an Enquirer employee -- wrote that several people were laid off in the circulation department including staffers responsible for both home delivery and single copy sales.

If accurate, that means at least 16 people have been laid off at the newspaper.

Also, another journalism-oriented blog examines the factors that led to The Gannett Co.'s downfall and offers details on huge profit margins at all of Gannett's newspapers in 2007.

Perhaps with some irony, The Enquirer's Web site today ran an article from the Gannett News Service offering tips about coping with the layoffs of co-workers.

12.04.2008 at 01:00 Reply
Enquirer fold! KO-- I heard you say at your NPR interview that the Enquirer staff writes for online and they later edit for newspaper (something like that). Anyway, the Enquirer is a great big joke. Long ago, myself and many people that I know, stopped respecting the Enqui-liar. Everyday, every single day, the paper focuses on “Black” crime. Then like 100 spewers of hate leave their disgusting comments. It one thing to comment critically…but hateful, ignorant comments are despicable. And that columnist Peter Bronson, That One! He’s probably making a nice nickel writing those Republican leaning columns. There are plenty of bloggers/columnist that could have his job, and do a better job. The Enqui-liar could save money by eliminating his job. And that Kimball Perry is a 100% joke as is Sharon Coolidge and Shame on Jane Prendergast.


12.04.2008 at 09:44 Reply
The number laid off in September - 60 - all voluntary. The number laid off in December - 45 - a very small number were voluntary.


12.06.2008 at 11:16
September buyouts totaled more than 70 throughout the company. Fifteen were from news dept. -- same number laid off in news as of Wed. That is close to 15%.