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The Ohio Elections Committee dismissed a complaint against COAST for allegedly making false tweets about Issue 48, but it was only because the complaint, filed by pro-streetcar group Cincinnatians for Progress, improperly named a COAST political action as a defendant or something. Streetcar advocates say they'll refile the complaint, and COAST lawyer Chris Finney says he'll win again. (“HAHAHA!”)

Youngstown Vindicator is a cool newspaper name. It reports that Ohio Democrats walked out of a vote on the new Republican redistricting map after Republicans failed to gain enough Democrat support to pass it. Lawmakers reportedly yelled at each other, too.

The ALCU of Ohio plans to investigate the arrest of a Toledo man who was barred from a Toledo City Council meeting for carrying a sign. The man, who was reportedly carrying a handwritten copy of the First Amendment, was denied access and then arrested outside for trying to force his way back in.

Pete Rose is apparently being sued by a Los Angeles dentist. 4192.

The crazy Texas judge who beat his 16-year-old daughter seven years ago will not face criminal charges because too much time has expired.

Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams likely would have been charged with causing injury to a child or other assault-related offenses for the 2004 beating of his then-16-year-old daughter, but the five-year statutes of limitations expired, Rockport Police Chief Tim Jayroe said.

"We believe that there was a criminal offense involved and that there was substantial evidence to indicate that and under normal circumstances … a charge could have been made," Jayroe said. He said the district attorney determined he couldn't bring charges, and that police would discuss the case with federal prosecutors even though he doesn't believe federal charges would apply.

Hillary Adams, now 23, posted the 8-minute clip on YouTube last week that shows her father viciously lashing her with a belt and trying to force her to bend over her bed to be beaten despite her wails and pleas to stop. The clip had received more than 2.4 million hits as of Thursday, and police began investigating Wednesday after hearing from concerned citizens.

Herman Cain has tied Mitt Romney in the latest virtual poll after a couple weeks of defending past sexual harassment allegations. Maybe because “seven of 10 Republicans surveyed in the Post-ABC poll said the controversy surrounding Cain made no difference in their choice of a candidate.”

Justin Bieber says he never met the woman accusing him of being her baby-daddy. Typical excuse, Bieber!

The National Basketball Association season won't start on time, and some players are considering decertifying their union. At least the UC Bearcats will soon be jamming it in the hoop! (Enjoy the video; please don't judge Darnell Wilks for jamming on Weber State like that — still a good jam.)

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It’s not Survivor… It’s Herman Cain



The reality show we call Herman Cain and his Motley Rogue of fellow Republicans has got everybody talking in my community, keep up the good work Mr. Cain. If our community didn’t vote two years ago like we should have, make no mistake you have increased the votes for President Obama in 2012.


Herman Cain has revitalized the interest in the political process with all his shenanigans in his run for the Republican GOP nomination. As a voting Democrat, I am very happy that he has everybody thinking and talking about the Republican Candidates and what we can look forward to if anyone in his party becomes the next President of the United States.


Sexual harassment charges are very important to me because it say something about Mr. Cain’s character and his understanding of workplace law.


Mr. Cain has shown that his memory of the event seems to come and go.

When first asked about the sexual harassment charges he couldn’t remember and the next day he could. Whatever was paid out, Mr. Cain said should have been a small amount, but we find out it was $35.000.00, and more to the second accuser.


Then to top it off, he accused Rick Perry’s staff of leaking the information to the press. The next day Mr. Cain’s chief of staff had to recant those statements. They just can’t seem to get their stories straight. He seemed confused about whether there was a settlement, or an agreement with one of the women. Did he sign the settlement or not? I hate to say anything bad, but it seems like there is so much more to this story than Mr. Cain is willing to admit.


This is the man who seeks the job as President of the United States, but unless Mr. Cain can provide a better explanation about what happened, he’ll have a harder time getting intelligent people or “our good blacks” as Ann Couter likes to call Republican Blacks to vote for him or maybe their “good blacks” will vote themselves off the island.



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Chris Finney will win what again? It was dismissed. Now instead of Coast it will be him and Mark Miller named. That works out better for everyone anyhow.