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Nutcrackering Scrooge


The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, model trains, zoo  lights, skating on Fountain Square - do you ever wonder if Cincinnati is capable of creativity around the holidays? Beyond the Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati - an institution that actually takes some risks - the others stick with the same old script with the only news being who will play Scrooge for the next 25 years.. 

 If you could pick  the Holiday line up for 2009, what would it look like?

12.03.2008 at 01:19 Reply
Yeah, Margo, you're so right. There's no creativity in this town. It's too bad that no one at CityBeat highlighted the newer holiday theatre offerings in the city. Oh, wait... http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/article-16669-stages-of-cheer.html Oops. Oh, you mean that there are four edgy or newer holiday shows? For the attention span-impaired: 1. Sedaris' The Santaland Diaries at New Edgecliff. 2. New Stage Collective’s Striking 12. 3. Know Theater’s A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant. 4. CSC's Every Christmas Story Ever Told. Do us a favor, please. The next time that you feel like writing one of these oh-so-fashionable slaps at Cincinnati's lack of creativity, can you at least read your own paper's coverage first? Seriously. Your lack of awareness is embarrassing.


12.03.2008 at 07:23
Cincyslacker, Thanks for the update. Your sarcasm is duly noted, as is the fact that you pointed out four new performances – none of which aren’t being presented by the Cincinnati Ballet, the Play House, the zoo or Fountain Square. This town regularly boasts of the quality and diversity of its arts community and programming but those “institutions” that are held up as an examples are trotting out the same old tired performances they do every year at Christmas. Some people call them classics – I would agree if they didn’t have a 25 year run. That’s just monotony. An opera about slavery, now that’s innovation in an institution primarily supported by rich white people and the businesses who employ them. There are people, probably like you, who pretend there’s nothing wrong with Cincinnati and take any and every challenge to the sanctified view of this city as uninformed and wrong. If you read CityBeat, as you claim, then you know that I write about a host of fantastic things happening in this town from innovative social service programming and the national awards they win to the environmental and social justice activities that are addressing the problems in this city. By the way, next time you want to criticize, why don’t you have the balls/ovaries to put your name on your post instead of hiding behind anonymity? But then, maybe "slacker" says it all. Margo


12.05.2008 at 09:29 Reply
Margo, As a person who is known to champion the city, I sure my opinion on this topic may not hold weight with your obvious negative bias about the city. What I think I find unfair with your take is that you are slamming the arts community. The arts community in Cincinnati is one of the brightest gems we have. Just because it does not live up to your tastes, why trash it? If you want to criticize the lack of diverse programs, do so with an in-depth review of the institutions. If the only type of art you like to see is politically/socially performances bent to views that fit your take, then I really think you need to revise your approach to what art is and what arts groups are trying to do just to survive. No arts group programs a season that will fit your narrow view of what types of shows they do. They need to pay the bills. You can attack Dickens, but when you do, it sounds rather ignorant. Would you prefer for a family to keep their kids at home and watch a Frosty SpongeBob Square Pants Christmas DVD or go see a live performance of a production of a great piece of literature? Also, the members of the arts community in this town are among the biggest supporters of social justice. To attack them for not living up to your ideas is not very fair and shortsighted. Finally, while I agree with you that cincyslacker would do well to make his/her name known, that does take away from the facts stated. There are many great holiday theme shows that are cutting edge, and cincyslacker caught you, well, slacking. Brian Griffin cincinnati.blogspot.com