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October 24th, 2011 By Eli Johnson | The Morning After |

Music, Movies and the Not So Mundane


Paranormal Activity 3  was top dog at the box office this weekend, raking in an estimated $54 million and besting Paranormal Activity 2’s $40.7 million opening.

Director Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin) told 5Live that she’s working on a new sci-fi film “more or less by Moby Dick.” But in space. "So we’re creating a whole new world, and a new alien. A very psychological piece, mainly taking place in the ship, a bit like Das Boot, so it’s quite claustrophobic.”

When Charlie Sheen was asked about how he thought Two and a Half Men was doing since Ashton Kutcher replaced him he said, “People aren’t stupid, you know? Not all of them.” Kutcher replaced Sheen to play Walden Schmidt, a brokenhearted Internet millionaire. "He's [Kutcher] doing the best he can," Sheen offered. "I don't think the role is cursed, but I'm extremely disappointed with how they're handling what I left behind."

The Streets’ frontman Mike Skinner has begun a new project with Rob Harvey called The D.O.T. The two have already recorded and posted 14 tracks online here, and The Streets will perform their final show at this weekend’s Freeze Festival in London.

Craig Callen, a Mansfield, Ohio, dentist, is offering cash and super neat prizes in return for trick-or-treaters’ loot. Callen says he will give a child $1 per pound of candy (5-pound limit per child) as well as free toothbrushes. "Visiting your dentist twice a year and brushing your teeth are great preventive measures, but doing away with excess sweets would really give your teeth a healthy boost," Callen said. "Kids can have the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well. Plus they get a nice new toothbrush and a goody bag of gifts (limit one per child while supply lasts)."

Candy will be collected at Callen’s office, 552 S. Trimble Road in Mansfield from 4:30-7 p.m. on Oct. 31. Any other unwanted candy may be left at the office until Nov. 4.

Happy Birthday to Kevin Kline, Tila Tequila, F. Murray Abraham and Aubrey Graham (Drake).

Liam Warriner, 22, mooned the Queen of England while she was in Brisbane with an Australian flag tucked between his bum cheeks. Warriner, a Sydney native, says he “did it because my workmates dared me to.” Warriner told the press, “Everybody’s seen someone’s butt, come on. You see it on TV all the time, you see it in movies, it’s accepted in PG-rated programming these days. But yet it’s an offence to the Queen.” Other than his bum, Warriner also revealed that he is part of the Occupy movement. “I’d like to say we are the 99 per cent human need over corporate greed and we won’t accept any of this any longer.” Warriner is charged with being a public nuisance and indecent exposure.

Little lady Zee Avi performed “Concrete Wall” in KCRW’s studio. Check it: 

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