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Ghiz Posts Critics' Personal Information on Facebook

Occupy Cincinnati supporters angry over publication of home and email addresses

ghiz facebookLeslie Ghiz's Oct. 19 Facebook photo

Leslie Ghiz has angered some Occupy Cincinnati supporters by posting on her Facebook page the home and email address of one individual and the email address of another who criticized her for pressuring City Manager Milton Dohoney to kick the protesters out of the park. The two individuals wrote to Ghiz's campaign, according to Ghiz.

A federal judge yesterday ordered police to stop ticketing protesters during the 28-hour period ending 8 p.m. Wednesday while representatives of Occupy Cincinnati negotiated with the city over its use of the park after hours. No agreement was reached, as the city refused to grant overnight use and protesters reportedly refused offers to move to another location.

Judge Susan Dlott isn't expected to rule on the First Amendment lawsuit until next week, and City Solicitor John Curp told The Enquirer that once the court-sanctioned standstill period ends on Wednesday that the city will resumeissuing citations or more."

In the meantime, Ghiz's Facebook page is buzzing with disdain for the individuals involved in the protest. Responses from commenters include the following:

"The protesters need to move it to DC that is where the real problems started they are all freeloaders at this point"
"Must be nice to have no job and live off the government with nothing better to do than sit in a park all day... And then say people with jobs "owe us". Throw em on a train and send it to Cleveland"

Ghiz has responded to the support by comparing the breaking of a potentially unconstitutional law to refusing to pay a parking ticket, posting the following suggestion which was also met with praise:

Here's a link to Ghiz's Facebook page. Be advised that she might share any personal information you send with your disagreement to her politics.

And, of course, the live twitter feed aggregating #occupycincinnati and #occupycincy hashtags:

10.19.2011 at 04:16 Reply

how can we throw them on a train to Cleveland with the 3C project stalled out?


10.19.2011 at 04:49 Reply

The posting of constituents personal information on Leslie Ghiz' facebook page for all to see is reprehensible. It appears the information has since been removed. However, very unprofessional of her.


10.19.2011 at 05:35 Reply

You know who else liked to thrown people on trains...


10.20.2011 at 01:43 Reply

Only two posts in and Godwin's law is in effect. Good job, guys...


10.20.2011 at 01:09 Reply

The last time I checked, home addresses are public record. I'm sure he would not take it kindly if people were camping on his lawn or in the public space in front of it. I pay taxes and that park where they sit is as much mine as it is theirs. This has crossed the point of being a grass roots movement and is nothing more than a group of people freeloading from the system in which they apparently oppose.  They do not need to sit in a park to make a statement.  Go back home, get organized, put on events or more rally's. Meet with city leaders. Be professionals.  Sitting in a park 24/7 is counter productive.