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'The Walking Dead' Returns With a Vengeance

Nightmare Season is upon us as AMC's chilling zombie show The Walking Dead returns. A record-setting 7.3 million viewers tuned in last night to see Rick, Lori, Shane and the gang continue their apocalyptic journey.

Season 2 Trailer (obviously don't watch if you haven't seen the first season but plan to):

Last year's debut season proved that a graphically gory television series about zombies could be a success when put in the right hands. With comic creator Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont (director of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist) on board, the show has a cinematic quality and, frankly, scares the hell out of me.

Side note: Last night, I dreamed about an Ikea filled with "walkers" and I had to defend myself by crushing a zombie's skull with an Xbox controller.

This show plants some seriously heavy dream seeds. Proceed with caution.

Season 2 picked up right where the first left off - the crew, after narrowly escaping the explosion of the Centers for Disease Control, decide to leave Atlanta for a more rural area. Rick Grimes teases us about what the lone CDC-er, Dr. Jenner, whispered his ear in last season's finale, but doesn't reveal the secret. Not long after their departure, the group runs into trouble (car trouble, zombie trouble, human trouble, you name it) along the way. The 90-minute premiere, "What Lies Ahead," was intense to say the least. The tension of the situations is even more gripping than the more graphic attack scenes, which may or may not have included a zombie disembowelment.

The idea of the group splitting up was touched on throughout the episode, showing that even when the world is over and humans are at the bottom of the food chain, you probably can't trust even the non-cannibals. Wah wah. Without any real SPOILERS, the episode concluded with two characters in probably-extreme danger. And they're both little kids.

According to a Google search in-depth research, the season is supposed to circle back to some story lines from the original comic. After quite a divergence from the book's plot with the CDC debacle, fans of Kirkman's books (myself included) will undoubtedly be happy to see RUMORED BUT PROBABLY TRUE MINI-SPOILER the Greene family will join the show.

If you're looking for a beautifully hopeless, intense show to get into and another reason to dread Monday mornings, tune in to The Walking Dead on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m.

Enjoy this trailer for the next episode (final warning, SPOILERS), fantastically accompanied by Johnny Cash's cover of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "I See a Darkness":


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