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October 14th, 2011 By Danny Cross | News | Posted In: 2012 Election, Occupy Cincinnati, Occupy Wall Street, Social Justice, News, Technology, Homelessness

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Cincinnati police didn't give out any citations in Piatt Park last night, saving the people in the Justice Center a lot of paperwork and wasted time. Some occupiers and local homeless activists have planned a march on Saturday to highlight causes of homelessness.

New York officials delayed a monthly park cleaning that would have meant having to clean lots of protesters too. The movement is spreading to Canada, where occupy protests are scheduled to begin this weekend in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax.

Do you think America's many problems would be best solved by “simple solutions and a leader willing to say 'I don't know'?” Vote Herman Cain! Also, even business groups are calling Cain's horseshit 9-9-9 plan a “jobs killer.”

Americans are cool: U.S. retail sales rose more than expected in September as Americans spent more on cars, clothing and fuel, an indication that consumers remain willing to shop despite high unemployment and a weak recovery.

Meanwhile, in Texas... Rick Perry's wife says poor Ricky was "brutalized and beaten up and chewed up" by the presidential campaign last month. Ricky nods his head in agreement.

Hey Cleveland Browns fans: We know your team sucks, but you still have to bring your kids home from the football game even if they didn't have a good time.

Materialistic couples have more trouble than couples who don't care much about possessions. Ha.

Years of previous research have turned up compelling evidence that materialism isn't great for anybody, Carroll said. Multiple studies have found that people who are materialistic are also more anxious, depressed, and insecure than non-materialistic types. A stronger love of money has also been linked to trouble at home, as these individuals tend not to balance family evenly with work.

50 Reasons Why The World Is Ending On October 21, 2011

Oh no! Gap is going to close 21 percent of its namesake retail stores by 2013. Where are we supposed to get our pants?!?

BlackBerry's recent outage is a threat to the brand, causing people who knew it was still a brand to wonder why, how.

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