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Time to Vote! CEA 2011 Ballot Online Now

ceasCEA.11 Nominees Announced Today

The nominees for the 15th annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards music program have been announced and you can vote for your favorites right now. Just click here, make your selection and then make plans to join us on Nov. 20 at the Madison Theater in Covington, where the CEAs will be doled out during what is sure to be another spectacular awards ceremony. Good luck to all the nominees! The full list of this year's nominations is below.

Tickets for the CEAs are now on sale here.

Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers
Hickory Robot
Rumpke Mountain Boys
Comet Bluegrass Allstars
The Tadcasters

The Tammy WhyNots
Dallas Moore Band
Kelly Thomas and the Fabulous Pickups
Mack West
Tex Schramm and the Radio King Cowboys

Shiny and the Spoon
Magnolia Mountain
Sassy Molasses
The Tillers
Josh Eagle and the Harvest City
David Rhodes Brown

World Music/Reggae
The Pinstripes
Baoku Moses
Newport Secret Six
Ron Esposito
The Cliftones

The Guitars
Buffalo Killers
Brian Olive
The Kickaways
The Prohibitionists
The Greenhornes

Hard Rock
Valley of the Sun
Two Headed Dog
Atlantis Becoming

Pain Link
Black Tractor
Mala In Se
Beneath Oblivion

Daniel Martin Moore
Kim Taylor
Dusty Bryant
Jason Ludwig
Josh Eagle
Joe Hedges

The Seedy Seeds
Walk the Moon
The Harlequins
Sacred Spirits
The Chocolate Horse

Punk/Post Punk
The Dopamines
The Strongest Proof
Situation Red

Leo Clarke
Voodoo Puppet
Them Bones
Zachary Burns Band
The Blue Shivers 

The Cincy Brass
Ricky Nye and the Paris Blues Band
Erica P.
Los Honchos

The Faux Frenchmen
The Qtet
Art Gore and the Jazz Knights
Mike Wade and the Ambassadors
Brent Gallaher
Phil DeGreg

Hip Hop
Vincent Vega
DJ Clockwork
Crack Sauce
Trademark Aaron

You, You’re Awesome
Dark Colour
Kry Kids
Pop Empire
Eat Sugar

Best Musical Ambassador to the City
Foxy Shazam
Walk the Moon
The Greenhornes
Brian Olive
Buffalo Killers

Best Live Act
The Dukes Are Dead
Walk the Moon
500 Miles to Memphis
The Seedy Seeds
The Dopamines
The Cincy Brass

Critical Achievement Awards
Not open for public vote

New Artist Of the Year
Belle Histoire
Vaudeville Freud
Young Heirlooms
The Tammy WhyNots
The Kickaways
The Ready Stance

Album Of The Year
The Seedy Seeds — Verb Noun
Brian Olive — Two of Everything
You You’re Awesome — Good Point, Whoever Said That
Skeetones – Retrospektive
Walk the Moon — i want! i want!
Josh Eagle and the Harvest City — A Good One is Hard to Find
The Guitars — High Action
Shiny and the Spoon — Ferris Wheel 

Artist Of The Year
The Chocolate Horse
Buffalo Killers
The Seedy Seeds
Walk the Moon
Brian Olive
The Greenhornes

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10.13.2011 at 10:16 Reply

Shouldn't these be called "Cincinnati Music Awards" since that's the only categories there are?


10.13.2011 at 10:22

Yes, probably


10.13.2011 at 10:24

So where are the categories for all the other types of entertainment? I know they do something for actors and plays in a separate section, but what about other performance artists? Queen City Cabaret showcases a LOT of variety, music and dance from in and around Cincinnati, where is the category for them to compete?


10.13.2011 at 10:38

The CEAs were started 15 years ago as a show to honor local music and theater. Theater split off into its own awards program, and music then had its own ceremony. The CEA theater awards ended a couple of years ago. We've kept the "CEAs" title for now, due to name recognition.


10.13.2011 at 10:42

As a non-musical entertainer, I have to fight hard to get into every venue. Once I'm in, the owners and audiences love it. But I've been outright refused bookings because I wasn't a "band". 

It's little things like this where someone uses a broad word like "Entertainment" and then only includes bands that perpetuates that attitude. You've hung onto a name recognition that is hurting Cincinnati entertainers.


10.13.2011 at 10:54

Yes, it's our goal to destroy the arts in Cincinnati. Thanks for reading.


10.13.2011 at 10:56

Way to counter a point with sarcasm. Thanks for responding.


10.13.2011 at 12:20 Reply

@Travis most of the venues around here are very niche venues and rely on the consistency of the music scene, both local acts and national acts coming through, to keep their doors open. This is very clear when looking at Main St. and OTR. You should check out the Know Theatre. They are open to all walks of life. 

Stop blaming city beat, they help fuel the fight for the arts. #outofyourelement


10.13.2011 at 12:21 Reply

@Travis most of the venues around here are very niche venues and rely on the consistency of the music scene, both local acts and national acts coming through, to keep their doors open. This is very clear when looking at Main St. and OTR. You should check out the Know Theatre. They are open to all walks of life. 

Stop blaming city beat, they help fuel the fight for the arts. #outofyourelement


10.15.2011 at 09:47 Reply

I see that at least a couple of local icons that are doing well in their genre outside of Cincinnati are not on the list...where are they? There's 1 in the Blues genre I know for sure should be there, since they just had a great review in an international music magazine. (If you're not up on things enough to know who it is, I'm not going to tell you.) What's the deal? Do you have to not being doing well to be on this list? I thought that this was supposed to honor the achievers from Cincinnati...seems like there's some bias afoot here.

I came here to vote for my entertainers of choice. Since they're not on the list, when they should be, I'm not voting for "runners up". If you're not careful, the CEAs won't exist for much longer, either. An awards ceremony like this has no place for bias. It's supposed to be objective and honor EVERYONE that is truly eligible. If you can't do that, then why do it at all?

l also agree with a previous non-music entertainer that other forms of entertainment are getting the short end of the stick here. ALL types of entertainment make the city go 'round, and they should be considered and honored, too.

Perhaps a restructuring and re-naming of the awards is past due...?


10.19.2011 at 11:49

Hi Jean,

  I have been both on the nominating committee (because of my arts organization The Rivertown Music Club which ended in 2010) and now I'm nominated.  Having been on both sides of the fence as both a promotor/activist and an artist, I can tell you this, Cincinnati has such a vibrant music scene that it is EXTREMELY difficult for anyone (or even a group--the nominating committee) to keep up with every single review, every single band and keep everyone happy.  We are lucky that there is so much talent here!!  The folks that host the awards, the committee, the venues that host original music, the papers that write about it and the radio stations that play locals are most sincere in their efforts to nominate a good bunch of bands that reflect the  scene and are as fair as possible.  It's just an imperfect thing and you'll never make everyone happy.  The music awards show already takes hours because we have so many categories...like Mike says above, The Theater people split off (their choice) some years ago and they discontinued the event.  Maybe someone in the other entertainment fields can take on an awards show as their baby?  None of us musicians would have any problem with that. 

For me, I love the CEA event.  It's more like a family reunion than anything.  There is a great community of local musicians and those that support us here.  And, it's really quite a welcoming group of folks.  Maybe you should come out to the show?