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Music, Movies and the Not So Mundane


Stop waiting for a streetcar to pick you up! Get on your fixed-gear and go get yourself a "poop as you go" TOTO Biogas Bike. This Japanese invention runs completely on human waste and the company calls poop the "new coal."

TOTO is predominately a toilet maker but thought they'd try their hand at making motorcycles that not only run on poop, but use “residual light imagery to write messages in the air as it zooms by." Not to mention, it “can also play music to entertain spectators.” Finally, the toilet actually talks, a feature with which TOTO has been equipping many of its toilets.

Talib Kweli and the artist formerly known as Mos Def reunited as Black Star to appear on The Colbert Report to perform the Madlib-produced track, "Fix Up." Peep that and their performance of "Astronomy (8th Light)" off of Black Star's eponymous album.

A California artist by the name of Sunny Bak is putting out customized Converse shoes that all come painted with Beastie Boys influenced images. At $200 a pair on eBay, 10 percent of the sale goes to Prop 8 Films, which according to its website is "dedicated to creating socially conscious documentary films for a wide audience throughout the world."

Happy Birthday to Elisabeth Shue(?), Britt Ekland(?), Ioan Gruffudd and Jeremy Sisto.

Robert Downey Jr. is developing Perry Mason, a crime drama set in 1930s Los Angeles, to be re-released on the big screen. Originally, Perry Mason had 3,257 episodes as a radio series, 34 tele pics, six films in the 1930s and was a television show on CBS from 1957-1966.

Two contestants in a Indian restaurant's "world's hottest chili" competition in Edinburgh were taken to the hospital after vomiting and fainting. Curie Kim, who eventually came in second, had to be taken to the hospital twice during the competition. She said, "This was for a good cause, but it came with a price. I have never endured such pain."

Half of the 20 people who took part in the competition dropped out after witnessing the first 10 diners vomiting, collapsing, sweating and panting. Local paramedics said it was the busiest day of the week for them. Local councilor Gordon Mackenzie called the even a "shambles" and said "the owners owe a debt to the ambulance service, and I hope they'll find some way of making it up to them."

Restaurant owner Abdul Ali said they'll probably have to "tone down" the dish for future competitions. "I think we’ll tone it down, but we’ll definitely do it next year."

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