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The Enquirer over the weekend published a thoughtful story on contemporary African-American leaders, noting that it was less than 50 years ago when such discriminated-against individuals were busy working for the not-so-inalienable rights afforded by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. As per usual, cincinnati.com commenters overwhelmed the post-story discussion with blame for affirmative action, black fathers and various demands for a similar story about today's white leaders. (Will this one do?)

Commenter, “theshern” pretty much summed up Cincinnatians' thoughts on contemporary African-American issues with this well-researched and thoughtful comment:

It's only a problem because the blacks keep the racial issue alive simply for the benefits. Instead of blaming themselves for their problems, it's much more easier to throw the race card.

Those mopes down at The Enquirer also spent some time last week describing how tickled it made them to consider a role-reversal debate over SB5, with Republican city council candidate Mike Allen scheduled to argue against the bill with Jeff Berding, a former Democrat who voted Republican so many times he was unendorsed by the party, arguing for it.

John Kasich last week explained how he believes in unions and believes they have a place. Kasich stopped short of describing the cold and damp corner of hell he had in mind, instead explaining how cool it will be for local governments to save money on public employees' health care and pension costs while he cuts local funding.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton will receive $332 million in new construction as part of a military realignment that will reportedly bring 1,200 jobs to Southwest Ohio.

Is a family-owned hunting camp not offensive to you? What if there was racist stuff written on a rock outside of it for many years? Rick Perry has some explaining to do.

The Occupy Wall Street protest has entered its third week after 700 people were arrested during yesterday's march on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Arrested Development star Will Arnett Tweeted that he was in a bathroom peeing with Jason Bateman and that the show will soon film 10 new episodes and a movie. But is it actually going to happen? Netflix hopes it does.

Scientists are freaking out about the new astronomy observatory called the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. The lucky ones have taken the first pictures, of the Antennae Galaxies, “a pair of colliding galaxies with dramatically distorted shapes.”

Denmark is the latest European country to institute some type of “fat tax” on foods and drinks that make society less healthy and cost everyone a bunch of money in treatment.

Tiger Woods dropped out of the world's top 50 golfer ranking. Poor guy.

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