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September 26th, 2011 By Danny Cross | News | Posted In: LGBT Issues, News, Technology, Republicans

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With a government shutdown looming if Congress can't figure out a spending plan, some say the mopes aren't even close to agreeing on the smaller details.

Meanwhile, it's going to be a “rocky road” to the GOP presidential nomination, even if it ends up being a two-man race and we lose all the fun craziness Michelle Bachmann adds to mix. Apparently neither frontrunner was able to beat a guy named Herman Cain in a Florida Straw Poll on Saturday.

The Enquirer over the weekend contributed to the lazy media coverage of SB 5 with this report asking local city and county governments if they know how much money the law would save them. The answer: They don't know. The follow up question regarding the law's effect on actual humans rather than government deficits Republicans only recently started caring about: None.

Did you have fun at the 10th annual MidPoint Music Festival this weekend? Cool! Check out The Daily Beat for accounts of each day by CityBeat music writers.

Freed hikers: “Iran jailed us because we're American.” And you hiked in Iraq because … ?

Two churches near Toledo are arguing via billboard over whether or not being gay is a gift from god or just something that randomly happens and makes old people uncomfortable. From the AP:

Toledo's Central United Methodist Church posted a roadside billboard in April that said, "Being Gay Is a Gift from God," and that led the Rev. Tony Scott of the Church on Strayer to offer an opposing point of view, The Blade reported.

Scott's megachurch in Maumee bought nine billboards last week that proclaim, "Being Gay is NOT a Gift from God — Forgiveness, Love, and Eternal Life Are."

"I'm getting hate mail from lesbian and gay people, but my point is that I love them too much to let someone believe a lie," Scott said. "I love this city too much to let a lie be sown."

... Central United Methodist recently replaced its original billboard with another one that says, "Creating a Space for All God's Children Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity."

Lady Gaga popped in on a California fundraiser for President Obama on Sunday. Gaga was among the guests who paid $35,800 per couple to attend. She reportedly wanted to talk to Obama about bullying.

Is a guy named Tim Cook going to announce the iPhone 5 at the Apple campus on Oct. 4? Please be true!!!

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