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11.26.2008 at 01:04 Reply
Ok people calm down!! I have not had the pleasure of meeting Sonny yet but, he is a good friend to some of my good friends! He's been there when they needed him!!! I've been a friend of Ry Stephenson for a couple of yrs now and I can assure you he is not "PC" in is humor....nor am I!! The comment that was made was meant to be funny!! Kind of like the fact that there was no heat and having to use port-o-lets!! That's funny right? It was a joke...nothing more! As far as I'm concerned ..I'm sticking with Ry and our non "PC" type of humor!! Get over yourselves....lighten up a little! It won't hurt you! ROCK ON RY!!! I love ya!!!


11.26.2008 at 02:41 Reply
This is also posted in response to the original thread. I'm glad to see there is someone out ther that agrees witrh me...... I've known Sonny for over 21 years...ever since he first moved back here from LA, and I consider him one of my best friends. I've watched his music career grow, and all the ups and downs that went with it, and have personally been inspired by his talent and professionalism. So much so, that with Sonny's nudging and encouragement, I had the courage to embark on my own musical journey for quite some time...something I had always wanted to do. There are many others that Sonny has encouraged over the years, and many that have learned from him. And he is indeed, in my opinion, one of greater Cincinnati's own music treasures. Not only has he worked hard to make his own dreams come true, be he has also encouraged others to do the same with their own dreams. One thing that I do know about Sonny is he takes his career very seriously, and knows how to graciously accept an award in person...and has done so many times in the past (as stated in his letter). Such would have been the case this time, IF he had been there. You folks that have your britches (or panties) in a bunch over this...you really need to lighten up and view it in the comic spirit in which it was delivered by Ry. Anyone that has worked in the music industry should know that a sense of humor is essential, because sometimes if you're not laughing you'd be crying. It's not all accolades and rainbows. There is a lot of hard work...blood, sweat, and tears too. Any entertainer that has accomplished as much or more than Sonny has is, unfortunately, subjected to criticism and jealousy from time to time. And most of the time, those dishing it out have NO IDEA how hard that person worked to accomplish what they have accomplished. They develop notions about the entertainer's character that aren't accurate (because they REALLY DON'T know them), and then proceed to pop off at the slightest faux pas as if they were actually that person's peer, and had all the bitchin' rights in the world to do it....NOT! Just ask ANY professional entertainer, and I'm sure they can tell you horror stories about their own unique critiques over the years. So...you "tight asses" that can't take a joke...grow up, and go get yourself a sense of humor. SONNY WASN'T EVEN THERE, so stop bustin' his chops about this! Sonny, kudos and congratulations on your win...the people spoke, and THEY obviously felt you deserved it. That's all that matters. --P.J. Robinson-- CincyIndies.org-- (YouTube.com/cincyindies)-- *The Greater Cincinnati Independent Entertainers Association*


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so the problem isn't sonny - it's just the people who hang with him? posses can be a pain in the ass sometimes. wasn't there a posse problem last year too? maybe you need to control the tailgating prior to the show.