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September 21st, 2011 By Eli Johnson | The Morning After |

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Tony Bennett, singer/political advisor(?), is on the hot seat after telling Howard Stern on Monday that President George W. Bush admitted to him that the Iraq War was a mistake. “He told me personally that night, he says, ‘I think I made a mistake,’ ” Bennett said, referring to the Iraq War and not the fact that he had the White House chef pair a lobster bisque with a Muga Rioja. Faux pas!

A spokesperson for Bush told NBC News that "This account is flatly wrong … President Bush never said that to Tony Bennett or anyone else."

As of Sept. 15, Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne has officially gone platinum.

Thom Yokre announced at BBC Radio 1 studios that Radiohead is going on tour in 2012 and his side project, Atoms For Peace (Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco), is almost finished with a new album. Other than releasing that fantastic news, Yorke spun some of his favorite songs, including Jamie xx's remix of Radiohead's "Bloom." You can stream the radio show here.

John Singleton and Ice Cube are working on an N.W.A. biopic. Singleton said:

“I can’t talk too prematurely about the stuff I’m doing because nothing’s come to fruition yet, but Cube and I are talking about doing the N.W.A. story … The script is really, really good, and so we’re just figuring it out. New Line really wants to make it.”

Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy E's widow have apparently signed on as producers.

Steven Colbert Monday released the "Buffett Rule," a way to move past President Barack O'Flackabama's class warfare on the rich.

Police in western Pennsylvania charged 58-year-old Robert Brodnick with drunken driving. And then again 15 minutes later.

Happy birthday to Ethan Coen, Jerry Bruckheimer, Cheryl Hines and Bill Murray!

More people would apparently rather watch Zooey Deschanel make fart jokes than Glee.

And yes, that includes us.

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