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September 20th, 2011 By Danny Cross | Sports | Posted In: football

Football to the Face!


Sorry to do this, guy who got hit in the face by Michael Boley's celebratory throw. But dang was it funny.

During second quarter of the New York Giants-St. Louis Rams Monday Night Football game last night, Rams running back Cadillac Williams dropped a short pass behind the line of scrimmage, which Giants linebacker Michael Boley scooped up and took 65 yards the other way for a touchdown.

Boley, presumably excited about his standout play, held the ball outward with his left hand as he ran into the end zone, only to abruptly switch hands and fire it toward the wall behind the field. Unfortunately for some guy standing there watching, his head was in the way. Luckily he turned his head (he should have seen it coming considering Boley was running straight toward him and was only about 15 feet away at the point of launch), only to have the ball bounce off and hit another guy in the back of his head before finally flying toward the wall where Boley originally wanted to smash it.

Video 1 is in real time. Video 2, slow motion. Enjoy.

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