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The Emmys Recap

tinafeyphotobombDlisted via Conan o Fallon via Buzzfeed

Last night was the Modern Family 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which is basically an orgy of television shows from Glee to Deadliest Catch to The Daily Show.

Jane Lynch spread her Sturdy Wings and soared as the hilarious hostess of the evening. The skits throughout the show were pretty funny for a stodgy TV awards show. Pre-recorded video segments depicted a world where all television show characters lived together in one building:

And worked at Dunder-Mifflin:

Breaking Bad's Jesse bringing a bag of meth to The Office's kooky Creed - I'm a sucker for that shit.

And then there was a Lonely Island performance of epic proportions, featuring Michael Bolton as Captain Jack Sparrow, John Stamos and Ed Helms as those dick-in-a-box dudes and Akon singing the best song to have in your head at work:

And then some people won some awards.

If you missed our live chat of The Emmys, I don't know if we can be friends anymore, but here's some fun that you missed out on:

Celebrity Panelists!

Several big names in Hollywood popped in our chat, including Carl Winslow, Robert Downey, Sr. and even Jane Lynch herself! At our next live chat we will award the commenter with the most creative user name.

Interactive Polls!

It's way more fun to vote for celebrities and TV shows than politicians. And CityBeat believes it's important for your voice to be heard.

Heated Debates!

Commenter Kate enlightened me about the positive qualities of Sofia Vergara, an actress with whom I've been in a feud (in my head) for over a year. I still think the tranny is faking that accent, but I will probably watch at least one episode of Modern Family now, after the show nabbed five awards.

Go here to relive the evening. Live chats are the future.

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