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September 16th, 2011 By Danny Cross | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity

'Sunny' Premiere Disappoints At Least One Person

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After watching the Season 7 premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia last night, I decided to do a quick Google search of the many poor reviews I assumed would populate the good 'ol internets today. But when I typed in “sunny in philahdelpha reviews” (spelled it wrong), all I got was a bunch of mopes who apparently really enjoyed the episode.

Seriously? I think I only laughed three times. I laugh more than that during a single commercial break during football games.

UPDATE: Just re-wanted this scene with Dee and the prostitute in an upscale clothing store, and Dee is pretty funny in it. 

There has been considerable buzz surrounding the latest season of Sunny, thanks largely to Rob McElhenney purposely gaining 50 pounds just to look like a freak and make people laugh. But in the premiere episode, titled “Frank's Pretty Woman,” all Mac does is walk around with a garbage bag full of chimichangas, eating and injecting himself with insulin. (It sounds funnier than it actually is.)

The whole Pretty Woman parody is over-the-top, for sure, but that's not necessarily a recipe for comedic success. Fine, Pretty Woman was a stupid movie. I don't need to hear Mac call Frank's prostitute girlfriend “a real piece of shit” to reconsider how dumb it was. It's an obvious storyline that took way too long and ended in a somewhat predictable (for Sunny) manner: a dead hooker left in an apartment hallway. Ha?

I'm confident that this season will get better — even the plotlines that didn't work during the first episode have promise. And Charlie's performance as a millionaire Texan who made his money in “the bridge business” showed his character in his rightful place — really dumb, strangely charming and very much full of shit. When he barfs blood all over the face of a woman he met on the internet, it's kind of crazy and a little cheap. Until he does it three more times and then barfs in Frank's face. At some point you're going to laugh at that.

I'd like to hope that the Sunny crew hasn't pushed its crudeness too far past where it has gone before. It's not a recipe for success on its own, even though it's what has somewhat defined the show. The same thing happened during the second season of Eastbound & Down — the heightened level of offensiveness overshadowing the little things we actually like about the characters, even though they're a bunch of dicks.

Here's a fairly concise recap, courtesy of some weird digital news website:

Has it really been six years since "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" hit the air? It's true, time sure does fly by when you’re watching The Gang and their antics.

Last year, the show hit some pretty high benchmarks with its Rashomon- inspired Halloween episode and another episode where Dennis and Mac bought a boat hoping to throw an epic boat party but it predictably ends badly.

What’s on tab for season seven? For one Charlie decides to take on a new identity as millionaire Hoss Bonaventure, CEO, who happens to have made his fortune in “boiled denims” and “the bridge business.” (In case you were wondering: “We boil all our denim,” Charlie explains about the jeans he and Frank found under the bridge.)

You’ve also got Mac, who is Dennis’s words is, “fat as sh**.” Yes, Mac’s diet consisting mostly of chimichangas eventually caught up to him and the man has gained 50 pounds of “mass.” (Also, adult-onset diabetes.) Expect to see this be a huge theme for the season since Rob McElhenney channeled Robert Deniro and actually did gain 50 pounds for comedy’s sake.

Dennis seems to be obsessed with “staying 20,” though this means he no longer eats lunch and it also means he’s plagued with anemia and low-blood pressure among other illnesses. It’s enough to where Mac think’s he’s healthier

Oh, and Frank wants to marry his girlfriend, Roxy, who happens to be a prostitute. All this in just one episode, mind you. It mostly works and you see a tone set for the season where the gang is worried about their “second act” but the Roxy, “Pretty Woman” and Tiger Woods jokes don’t always hit.

Still, the season is young and even when things aren’t working, Charlie steps up and steals the spotlight in Thursday's episode. So, here’s to another season of our favorite group of the most awful people we know. Let’s hope they never ever change.

This mope gave the episode an "A."

This imbecile also liked it.

This jackass referred to last season as “hit or miss” and then said the premiere was great.

In somewhat related news, FX has purchased 13 episodes of an animated series by some of the people behind Sunny. Rickety Cricket is reportedly involved, along with Kaitlin Olson's voice. It's about two teenagers who live without guidance from their parents.

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