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November 20th, 2008 By | News | Posted In: Media, Community, Family

Battle of the Blogs: Game On!

We’ve long known that CityBeat’s readers are among the smartest in Greater Cincinnati. Now you can help prove they’re among the most generous, as well.

We are accepting a challenge from the Cincinnati Beacon blog to join the first-ever “Battle of the Blogs” to help raise money and donations for the FreeStore/Foodbank. Begun by the Beacon and Brian Griffin’s Cincinnati Blog, several area Web journals are participating in a friendly challenge to see who can help the FreeStore the most.

The effort is part of the FreeStore/Foodbank’s Virtual Food Drive, to assist needy people during the holiday season. By clicking on the organization’s site, anyone can use a major credit card to pay for food like fresh produce, meat and other perishable items that the FreeStore cannot get through traditional food drive donations. The FreeStore can also get the most bang for the buck by buying in bulk quantities at reduced prices.

Also participating in the Battle of the Blogs is Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper’s PepTalk site, and efforts are underway to get more local armchair pundits to join in.

To participate in the battle royale, go to the virtual store, and make your purchases, which takes about three minutes. Then, comment below on the amount you gave, so we have a chance of winning this competition. You don’t have to list your actual name, but please help us keep track of the tally.

Even if you don’t want to post here, however, please consider donating to the FreeStore. The organization’s goal is to help about 16,000 families during the holiday season

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