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August 17th, 2011 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: New Releases, Local Music

Surprise! Pomegranates Release New Album


Yesterday, successful Cincinnati Indie Pop quartet Pomegranates (playing tonight at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory) gave fans an unexpected treat — a new full-length album. The Poms’ unannounced In Your Face Thieves/Chestnut Attic was issued on iTunes and other e-retailers and on 12-inch vinyl from the band’s original label, Lujo Records. The album project began as a planned 7-inch single but snowballed into a 10-song LP. The unusual title comes from the individual names of the two “fully realized EPs” that make up the release, one per side on the vinyl version. Click above to listen to lead-off track “Softness.”

The songs on the release were recorded with the band’s friend Caleb Groh (a young Boston-area singer/songwriter who who appears on a couple tracks) during the tour cycle for last year’s stellar One of Us album. (Chestnut was previously available briefly on the band’s website, but is polished up and remastered here.) It’s a somewhat sparse, lo-fi affair, recorded by the band members themselves in a home studio. The on-the-fly, stripped back approach shows the power of the Poms’ songs doesn’t come from studio tricks or walls of guitar effects.

Click here to read more about the surprise release from Lujo.

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