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July 26th, 2011 By Michela Tindera | The Morning After | Posted In: TV/Celebrity, Fashion, Culture

Queen City TV Show Disappoints, Is Boring


It was Sunday night and television options resembled that of The Banks project for the past 10 years — barren and dull. I was clearly in need of some entertainment. So, like 7,389* other people in the area, I tuned into Fox 19's premiere of Queen City.

I was hooked as soon as the intro song came on — excited to see what shenanigans the four “queens,” Adhrucia, Lauren, Tracey and Katie, would encounter in this local take on the Real Housewives series.

Luckily I didn’t hold my breath for too long.

Ten, 15, 20 minutes into the half-hour show and I continually found myself asking the friend I was watching with, "So has anything happened yet?"

These characters looked like my Housewife faves Bethany, Nene and Teresa, along with the potential of added flavor of a Midwestern-born and raised gal like myself. Yet I kept wondering, who are these people, why I am watching them — and why is one of them from New Jersey?

It has been written that this show is not like The Hills or Real Housewives, in that its four-show season will, along with character development, lack drunken debauchery, make out sessions with randos, hair-pulling cat fights or any other degrading behavior typical of the aforementioned shows (basically any reason to watch this type of television).

However, those aspects seem to be the only ones lacking from this form of reality TV. While I can only make assumptions, as not much was explained in the actual show, all of these women appear wealthy, giggle an incomprehensible number of times per sentence and, other than Lauren, executive chef at The University Club, don’t seem to have jobs.

For a show that is supposed to be about young professionals in the city, you’d think they would have found women who contribute more than an ugly dress to Cincinnati Fashion Week. Where are the young and budding entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers in the city?

If the show is supposed to be about the charities these young women support, then the plot of the first show should have been a bit deeper than making a goofy dress for an event that wasn’t really explained well in the first place.

For a while now, I've thought it would be fun and exciting to live downtown during my twenties, but if this show were any indication of what that's like I'd be devising a plan of escape to a city where there are more exciting things to do than hang out in an empty restaurant (cue first scene) or date a radio DJ (cue Katie’s night with Jordan of Kiss107) … ASAP.

*Literally 7,389 viewers: The show averaged a 0.8 rating, a 77 percent drop from that of the Fox 19 10 O'clock News. Ouch. 

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