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July 18th, 2011 By mbreen | Music | Posted In: Local Music, Music News

Local Musician Cast in Indie Flick


Singer/songwriter Kim Taylor is probably getting used to hearing her songs in films and TV shows. Perhaps the most licensed contemporary songwriter in Greater Cincinnati, Taylor’s songs have been used in numerous network television programs and several made-for-TV movies; most recently, Taylor’s “Build You Up” was used in the season premiere of CBS’s Flashpoint (which has used her music several times in the past), while the ABC Family original movie Cyberbully (which premiered July 17) included the same track.

But soon, Taylor (pictured, second from right, with her castmates) will find herself on the other side of the camera, signing on as one of the stars of director Matt Porterfield’s forthcoming indie film, I Used to Be Darker. Porterfield’s films like Putty Hill have been acclaimed, partly because of his eye for casting and coaching great performances out of non-professional actors in roles not too far from their real selves. Taylor plays Aunt Kim — who happens to be a singer/songwriter — in the film, which starts filming Aug. 1.

The New Yorker blogs recently ran a short article on the film and its use of Kickstarter for funding. Visit the Kickstarter page here to find out how you can help (and what you can receive in return for a donation). And check out the director’s Kickstarter clever video plea below.

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