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November 14th, 2008 By Maija Zummo | Wellness/Renewal |

Arthur Magazine


When my ex-boyfriend lived with me, he got a subscription to Arthur Magazine. I had never heard of this magazine before Adam, but judging from the cover, I thought it seemed like a real new-age hippie kind of thing. I was right. It is. And it just keeps coming to my house because he never changed the address. Truth be told, they're a little shoddy with the whole consistent, timely delivery thing, but the content is actually really interesting. There's alot of stuff about "Magic(k)," skateboarding, comics, interplanetary things, music and this weird column by a woman, Nancy Klehm, who writes about the benefits of different herbs and nuts. Last issue she was talking about how smoking mugwort helps you find your spirit animals, even in the city. I think she lives in Chicago. Thurston Moore writes stuff too, like underground music reviews. The current issue follows the band Brightblack Morning Light around New Mexico. Apparently they live totally off the grid, which is an interesting fact in and of itself, but even more interesting when they talk about it because they sound like total assholes (no offense):

“[Our visitors] slow down, focus on themselves, appreciate the beauty around them, and they look at me. I’m like, Hey, I have a band, would you like to jam? That’s why I brought you here. It gets really simple. I say, Look, this is what you could be doing everyday if you walk away from Babylon. But people have individual goals. One of the downfalls of the ’60s was people going out on their own, looking out for I-me- me-mine. I’m not saying I want to join a commune, but if you’re a musician and you want to make music, then get out where there are no obstacles. Anyone who hangs with Nabob is going to get river time, hiking time, and if we’re in a band, we’ll jam. That’s what I have to offer. I wish it were enough. But people get distracted by the possibilities of city life. It’s groovy having you out, but quite honestly, I’d be here anyway.”

You can read the whole thing online for free or get it shipped to your house. Or you can take it out of my mailbox. Whatever. It's just another interesting publication about spiritual health and wellness.

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